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The pros and cons of living in Narnia [AD]

One of the things nobody warns you about before having children is the horror of tissues in the washing machine.  Granted, it happens occasionally even when you only live with adults.  But with children, it’s virtually every wash.  In go nice, smart, dark coloured clothes.  Out comes a snowstorm Mr Tumnus would be proud of.   Living in Narnia If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll probably realise that where we live in Malvern was said to be the inspiration for Narnia.  C S Lewis used to walk on the Malvern Hills with his friend, J R R Tolkien.  Legend…

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A Relax Spa Day at The Malvern

The persistent hammering on the door started at around 4.35am. Assuming the dog needed to go out, I reluctantly rolled over and followed her downstairs. Opening the door to a howling gale, my gaze was drawn to the wildly flapping back gate. The fence post had become detached from the wall and our garden had become a security disaster. After such a terrible start, only total relaxation could rescue my day. The Malvern Spa The Malvern Spa is based on the outskirts of Malvern, at the foot of the beautiful Malvern Hills. It boasts luxurious accommodation, a state of the…

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The Staycation Challenge

This is a collaborative post. Finance company The Scottish Friendly recently compiled a Disposable Income Index. The information was taken from an independent survey revealing how much money people have left after paying essential bills. As well as finding out whether people had money to spend or save, the survey looked at people’s holiday habits. They found that 19% of people were opting for more staycations, whilst 16% were looking for cheaper holidays. The Staycation Challenge Scottish Friendly wanted to show me how easy it is to save money each month, by discovering affordable days out in my local town. So…

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