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Outdoor swimming tips for all seasons

Deceptively bright sunlight presents the illusion of a summer’s morning, but a glance at the frosty ground reveals the real temperature. A thin mist hangs over the river. We walk towards it, removing layers of jumpers and coats, leaving only our swimming costumes. It may be a controversial opinion, but there’s no better feeling than outdoor swimming in winter. Outdoor swimming in Winter – getting in the water Stepping into the river, the cold takes my breath away. It’s shallow at first, up to my waist. I immediately lunge forward to submerse myself in the numbing water. The first two…

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5 health benefits of open water swimming

Monday mornings have never been my friend. Waving goodbye to the weekend and embracing chaos, stress and work has never been my thing. But recently, something changed and they are now my favourite part of the week. Why? Because for the past few weeks I’ve been swimming in a local river every Monday morning. And not only have my Mondays improved, but my entire week. Before telling me I must be mad, have a look at the amazing things open water swimming does for you. I’ve also interspersed a few photos of the places I’ve swam in recent years. Because…

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Open water swimming in the UK

This is a collaborative post.  Swimming in open water is a risky business. In the sea, there are tides to think about. In rivers, you need to be careful of the current. Take a dip in a lake and you never know the depth – watch out for the temperature too, lakes can be bitterly cold. But given the right safety precautions and equipment, open water swimming has some fabulous benefits. Why open water swimming? As a child, I used to swim – a lot. For many hours each week, I’d plough up and down the pool and we’d race…

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