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Why we swim

A foot plunges into the icy blackness. Cold penetrates the skin like a knife. Bit by bit, the rest of the body becomes submerged. Slow, intentional movements. One leg, then the other. A cautious step forward. Edging in, feeling for the river bed. Numb from the waist down. It’s time to take the plunge. A leap of faith The intentional part is done. Now there’s nothing for it but to submit completely to the water. Falling slowly forwards. Every breath is an effort. Slow down, don’t gasp. Lie still, weightless. Wait for the panic to pass. Self-awareness is all-consuming. Focus…

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Outdoor swimming tips for all seasons

Deceptively bright sunlight presents the illusion of a summer’s morning, but a glance at the frosty ground reveals the real temperature. A thin mist hangs over the river. We walk towards it, removing layers of jumpers and coats, leaving only our swimming costumes. It may be a controversial opinion, but there’s no better feeling than outdoor swimming in winter. Outdoor swimming in Winter – getting in the water Stepping into the river, the cold takes my breath away. It’s shallow at first, up to my waist. I immediately lunge forward to submerse myself in the numbing water. The first two…

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