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Finding the joy in reading

Society puts a huge pressure on young children to learn to read. Very early on in school, they start recognising letters, piecing together words and eventually reading them out loud with the correct expression and punctuation. Books come home and it’s a parent’s job to listen to their child read. Encourage them when they’re right, work through errors and help the child to learn. Learning to read Every day, Libby would bring home her reading book. We’d plough through it. She’d get frustrated that it was difficult and I’d be left questioning how she could get totally stuck on a…

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Books for summer – review

I was sent these books free of charge for the purpose of a blog post. Since starting to potty train Lia, we’ve been spending a bit more time at home than usual. This has given us the chance to take it easy and do things the girls enjoy around the house, including reading. It’s always great when some new books arrive in the post, and Macmillan Children’s Books are some of our favourites. More People to Love Me – Mo O’Hara This is a lovely book giving an interesting perspective on large families. These days, the classic nuclear family is…

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