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The emotional impact of sugar as running fuel

Do you ever feel yourself hitting an energy wall just over an hour into an exercise session? Running experts advise taking onboard some kind of fuel if you’re going to run for over 75 minutes. I’m generally terrible at doing this, but I realise I’m going to have to experiment with some kind of running fuel before the London Marathon. When I ran the Ultra Marathon, I was happy eating things like wraps and chocolate bars because it was such a long, slow run. But a marathon is different. So last time I went for a run, I needed to…

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A cup of tea to make you feel better

Drinking tea is a very British solution to everything. I for one find that however bad things get, they seem a little better after a good cup of tea.  As Jamer kindly pointed out, we have all been struck down with the flu recently and it really was tea that kept me going.  In the first couple of weeks of being a lurgy-ridden house, I was lucky enough to be doing a teatox. If you’re not aware of these, they are special teas that you drink morning and evening.  They are made from herbal ingredients that are specially formulated to…

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