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Tech Will Save Us Electro Dough Kit Review

Tech Will Save Us describe their kits as, “So fun, they’ll never see the learning coming.” From the moment we opened the kits to when we finally tidied them away, learning didn’t cross my mind. The girls were immersed in their own little world of imagination. Creating little stories in pop-up scenes complete with dough sharks, dragons and submarines. Telling tales of fairies, enchanted forests and unexplained lights. And almost as a side issue, they were creating electrical circuits to illustrate their imaginary worlds. About Tech Will Save Us Electro Dough Kits Each Electro Dough kit has a different theme.…

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How a science toy could save the world

Did you know that only 23 per cent of people in core STEM occupations in the UK are female? Or that only 4.5 per cent of commercial airline pilots are women? This isn’t a throwback to 1957, it’s now. This is the world our children are growing up in. Exploring science A few weeks ago, Libby came home from school and informed me that she wanted to go to science club. If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know that Libby wants to do everything. Music, drama, swimming, cycling, running, writing, dancing, climbing, cricket, rugby – you name it, she…

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