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Teletubbies Magazine – Review

Libby has always enjoyed a magazine. She likes doing all the activities and having the one on one time to go through it together. If I’m honest, I’d never really got around to buying a magazine just for Lia. But with Libby at school, when we were offered the opportunity to review the Teletubbies magazine, I realised it was time I started doing things like this with Lia. Teletubbies Magazine – Free Gift I’m not going to lie, I’ve never known a child read a magazine before playing with the free gift. With the Teletubbies magazine, the free gift was…

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Teletubbies books: Review

Whilst I was too old for Teletubbies when they first came on television nearly 20 years ago, I do remember watching the programme with my sisters when they were little. Even then, I loved how colourful the show was, really engaging for young children and nice and cheerful. That’s why I was pleased to see Teletubbies back on television in November. I was particularly pleased to hear from Dr Jacqueline Harding that the show was designed with children’s development in mind. Interestingly, it is supposed to help with communication, physical and social development. The new Teletubbies The fact that the Teletubbies are…

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