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Life in two dimensions

I wrote the below post not long after Libby was first diagnosed with a squint. Unfortunately, by the time we realised there was something wrong, it was too late to correct her 3D vision. If you have concerns about a baby looking cross eyed, do get them checked out by a GP even if the health visitors haven’t picked up on it. Libby can see fine now and looks beautiful in her glasses but I do wish we had picked it up earlier so that she could have had a chance of ending up with perfect vision. How we realised…

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Goodnight little cat

Sadly we had to have our dear old cat Simba put to sleep today. She had kidney failure, she was on a special diet and she’d had some injections at the vets but it didn’t work and she’d got so weak she was struggling to walk. The vet said we could have had a couple more days with her and waited until she couldn’t lift her head but that would have been for our sake not hers, it wouldn’t have been fair to let her suffer.  Simba was my cat, I had her for 9 years and she was an…

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