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Reasons to use Industrial Vision Systems for business [AD]

In business, it’s important to grab any opportunity you get to make life easier. Outsource the jobs you hate (accounting, I’m looking at you) and use the best available equipment. After all, your competitors will be trying to get the edge over you. There’s nothing worse than being left behind. When it comes to equipment to make life easier for you, machine vision systems can prove invaluable. Let’s take a look at how industrial vision systems could help your business.

Reasons to use Industrial Vision Systems for business

Unless you work in an environment that specifically requires Industrial Vision Systems, you may not be aware of the various ways they can benefit your business. If you’re reading this and thinking that they have no place in your line of work, hang around for a minute and let me explain what they can do.

Within the manufacturing industry, vision systems can check for small faults such as missing screws or nuts. Within surgery, metrology checks can easily be performed on an orthopaedic joint using this equipment. Need to carry out precision surface inspection? They can help with that too.

Cutting edge technology and image processing combine to provide solutions for quality control, automated inspection and identification. Advanced algorithms allow these products to operate intelligently, providing analysis and extendable processing. All areas of machine vision are combined into one technology.

Even tiny product defects can be detected, saving you money on product recalls and the associated loss of revenue. Flexibility within the machinery allows you to adapt it to product changes. These machines are designed for application across industry sectors and integrate with the most up to date information and control systems. Application areas include:

  • Artificial Intelligence and deep learning
  • Presence inspection and verification
  • Metrology and measuring
  • Pattern recognition and matching
  • Code reading
  • Optical character recognition
  • Robot control
  • Colour matching and verification
  • Print quality inspection
  • Surface inspection and flaw detection
  • Image archiving
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Jewellery making

Other ways to help your business to thrive

  • Outsourcing: Trying to do everything is symptomatic of running your own business. But if you are finding you don’t have enough time, it’s time to outsource. This will allow you to grow your business, whilst simultaneously providing work for somebody else.
  • Business Coaching: Sometimes, an outsider’s view on your business is invaluable. A business coach can objectively tell you what you need to change and point you in the right direction. Some local councils provide business coaching grants, so you might even be able to access this for free.
  • Employee retention: Recruitment is expensive, so employee retention schemes are invaluable. Whether that means paying fairly, allowing working from home or flexible working or funding gym memberships and cycle to work schemes, employee retention will undoubtedly save you money.
  • Equipment hire: Not ready to invest in equipment yet? Go for long-term hire instead while you get your business going.
  • Marketing: Without marketing a business, nobody will know where you are or what you do. Marketing doesn’t have to cost a fortune these days. You can learn a lot about social media and search engine optimisation online, through a free course or simply by doing your own research.

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