How to plan the perfect Winter holiday in Cornwall


Cornwall, with its numerous beaches, beautiful landscapes, and rugged coastline, is a popular holiday destination for many.

It’s a charming holiday spot throughout the year and even during the colder months, so you can experience some of the best coastal adventures and cosy experiences.

If you’re looking for holidays in Cornwall, carry on reading for a comprehensive guide to planning the perfect winter break!

1. Choose the right accommodation

To start your winter holiday planning off right, one of the first steps is to pick the right accommodation for you and who you’re planning to spend your break with.

Cornwall holiday resorts offer a wide range of accommodations, so you’ll be sure to find one that’s perfect for you!

Whether you want to stay in a luxury caravan or lodge, there are plenty of options for you to browse and cosy up inside after some winter explorations…

2. Check local events calendars

Cornwall comes alive in winter, especially with its festive markets and other events that fill the British county.

Some examples include the festive markets you can find in Truro and Falmouth, where you can find unique gifts and local crafts to take back home and gift to your friends and family.Before you head to Cornwall, it’s a good idea to check the local events calendars for winter festivals and Christmas light switch-ons, so you can make the most of your trip!

3. Plan your cosy coastal walks

Cornwall’s coastline has so much to offer and winter walks are some of the best ways to experience them.

It’s a great time to wrap up warm and embark on a range of coastal walks to experience the sea air, crashing waves and dramatic cliffs.

Some of the most popular routes include the South West Coastal Path, but before you embark on your walking journey, why not look at some route planners?

You could plan your ultimate route and be prepared for everything that you may encounter along the way…

4. Arrange sporting activities

With plenty of open water in Cornwall, there are several ways to explore the county in a different way this winter. Whilst summer boat trips are popular, experiencing Cornwall from the water in winter offers a different perspective.

    You could even try a range of water sports with some surfing, as there are a variety of surfing schools in Cornwall – weather permitting, of course.

    During winter, you’ll also be able to find much more to cater to the theme, including indoor ice-skating rinks if you’re looking for something more festive.

    And with plenty more to explore, it’s a good idea to book early once you know what you want to do, as many of these activities are extremely popular – and you don’t want to miss out!

    5. Winter relaxation

    There are so many adventurous activities to enjoy during winter, but it’s also a great time to enjoy some relaxation.

      You could find and book some on-site treatments at your Cornwall holiday park to relax and indulge in the cold winter months – it’s definitely needed!

      With plenty of ways to plan the perfect winter holiday in Cornwall, how will you start your planning off right?

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