Land Rover Discovery Adventures

Learning about Britain with Discovery Adventures

As we drove through Cheddar Gorge, the girls leant back in their seats. Gazing up through the glass sunroof, they took in the awe-inspiring scenery. It was the first visit to Cheddar Gorge for all of us, and what a way to to it.

Land Rover Discovery Adventures

Discovery Adventures

The Discovery Adventures podcasts make up a mystery-drama series that the whole family will enjoy. They star some really inspirational big names and are set around the UK. You even learn some fascinating facts about the British countryside as the series goes on.

Land Rover Discovery Adventures

The podcasts were recorded on-location at some beautiful UK destinations. The story is fiction, but it is fused with fascinating facts. For example, the London parakeets get a mention early on in the first episode. Whilst nobody really knows where they came from, there is a great rumour that they are descendants of a pair released by Jimi Hendrix in Carnaby Street in the 1960’s.

I was also excited to hear that Sir Ranulph Fiennes plays a part in the story. He appears early on as well, explaining to the main characters that somebody is disrupting the GPS signal across the country. As the story goes on, you learn about Number Stations, including the famous Lincolnshire Poacher. But don’t worry there’s no spoiler coming – they haven’t yet released all the episodes!

Land Rover Discovery Adventures

The Discovery Sport

To celebrate the launch of the Discovery Adventures, we borrowed a rather fabulous Discovery Sport for the weekend. Its amazing, ten-speaker surround sound system was the perfect way to listen to the Discovery Adventures podcasts. We listened as a family and all became utterly submersed in them.

Land Rover Discovery Adventures

The car itself was hands down the most comfortable vehicle I’ve ever travelled in. As soon as I stepped in and sat on the white leather driving seat, I knew I was going to love it. The vantage point is high and the seat adjusts easily. Both front seats are heated and there are a raft of features that can be controlled from the steering wheel.

Land Rover Discovery Adventures

The automatic controls make the car incredibly easy to drive. For off-road, there is four wheel drive and for the motorway, you can set the speed using a button on the steering wheel control panel. My husband and I took turns driving, and the car remembered each of our seating positions.

Land Rover Discovery Adventures

It was just the four of us for the weekend, but had we needed a little more space, there were two extra seats in the boot, making it a seven seater. For us, this wouldn’t be a practical car. We don’t need four wheel drive, and if we used the extra two seats we’d also need more storage. Sadly with the seats in use, you have very little space in the boot.

However, this wouldn’t stop my husband for second. Given half a chance, he’d buy the Discovery Sport in a heartbeat. We were all very sad to see it go after the weekend.

Discovering the UK

We travel quite a lot around the UK, but there are certain places I’ve still never visited. Until last weekend, Cheddar Gorge was one of those places. We didn’t have time to properly explore, and I was disappointed to see that you had to pay nearly £60 for a family Explorer Pass to visit any of the attractions. Had we been able to buy single-attraction passes, we would have visited the caves.

Nonetheless, it was incredible to see the gorge and what better way to do so than from the comfort of the Discovery Sport?

Land Rover Discovery Adventures

I also headed to nearby Redditch for the day, where I was pleasantly surprised at being able to quite easily park the Discovery Sport in a multi-storey car park. And on Sunday, we headed to Swansea.

During the course of the weekend, we covered around 600 miles. There weren’t the usual arguments over who was going to drive. In fact, we still argued – but this time, we both wanted to take the wheel. It was a lovely opportunity to explore the UK and we will be tuning in to the rest of the discovery adventures over the coming weeks.

Land Rover Discovery Adventures

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  1. Ha ha! I love the disclosure, sad times indeed!! It looks brilliant and great that it’s so easy to drive too. What a brilliant choice for an adventure too, Cheddar Gorge looks stunning!

  2. My husband would want this car in a heartbeat too! We’ve often talked about having a four wheel drive car as where we live in the cold icy weather it would make it easier and safer for us. But they isn’t going to happen anytime soon!! I haven’t been to Cheddar Gorge since I was a child, it still looks just as beautiful as I remember x

  3. I love a glass sun roof and how fantastic that it remembered your driving positions. I need a new car and this sounds a good option as it isn’t often the 6 of us go out together anymore but is sometimes required.