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6 Unusual And Creative Video Gift Ideas [AD]

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Do you like to please your loved ones with creative gifts? One of the brightest ideas that are easy to implement is a video gift. This will be a truly individual gift because you will come up with the genre, style, and plot of the video yourself, especially for a dear person.

Making videos for any event is an up-and-coming movement. Why are they so popular? Everything is simple.

A personalized video builds an emotional connection. The clip as a gift helps to relive the brightest moments of life, trigger a wave of positive, nostalgic, and warm emotions.

The great thing is that you don’t need the help of a motion designer to create a video postcard. It is easier to do than any other do-it-yourself present. In this article, we will introduce you to handy software, as well as offer creative ideas for video gifts to loved ones, and tell you about the process of preparing it.

In What Cases Is A Video Gift Especially Relevant?

In truth, a video gift is always relevant when you want to make a truly hearty original gift to your loved ones. However, today this is especially true when the world has become diffuse: friends travel all over the world thanks to remote work, children go to study abroad, and adults don’t see each other for months due to the difficult epidemiological situation.

Social distancing makes people miss and feel lonely. And it is the video that helps to perk up, remember a good time or simply see loved ones. And how to arrange the video creatively so that it causes tears of touchingness, we will tell below.

The Best Ideas For Video Gifts 

  • Life story

This genre of film is a beloved classic by everyone and a great gift idea. To create it, they usually collect an archive of photographs and videos, from an extract from the hospital to a recent vacation trip. If you want to surprise the hero of the occasion with an unusual biopic, add some touching interviews with family, friends, teachers, classmates, university buddies, and co-workers.

Add music, soulful text, and a little magic of professional editing, and voila – you’ll get an impeccable family history and a striking gift!

  • Fun interview

This option is great for a person with a good sense of humor. First, you need to survey the friends. Ask a variety of questions on abstract topics: what does pineapple ice cream taste like or what did they call their favorite soft toy in childhood. Shoot the answers on camera, and then, during editing, substitute other questions related to the main hero of the holiday instead of the original ones. “Describe NAME, what are they like?”, “What would you affectionately call them?” It will turn out incredibly funny and cute!

  • Slide show

Don’t let the name fool you! Slideshows are not animated pixel art, but a creative and modern video format. It allows you to create a gift that will definitely break all stereotypes.

In addition to the classic video based on photos, you can choose a slow-motion film or, for example, a photo comic.

  • Words on plates

Implementation of the idea requires the help of friends. Each hero of the video picks up a small sheet of paper (A4 size is enough) with a congratulatory word or phrase. Everyone can say their text for the video congratulations aloud, after which it is necessary to mount all the pieces in order.

  • Music video

If the soul demands to sing the birthday man, don’t deny yourself the pleasure. Avoid boring songs and video clichés, and write an original text about the person you want to congratulate as well as a music video script with a bit of humor.

And don’t worry if you can’t sing. Your desire is important, not opera skills.

  • Breaking news!

Imagine how surprised the hero of the occasion would be if they were congratulated in an urgent news release! Of course, it is unlikely that you will be able to break into a real news TV show, but creating a fun imitation is easy. Dress up in a suit, take a microphone and read the congratulatory text in the strict voice of the announcer.

How To Make A Video Congratulations Yourself

  1. Write a script. Have you decided how you want to congratulate a loved one? Then it’s time to get started. To compose the script, grab a piece of paper or open a Google document on your computer. Specify the concept and the stages that will be included in the congratulations film. Then and only then can you begin shooting.
  1. Choose a location. It all depends on the concept, but the location should be intriguing and appealing. The most basic is a café with an interesting interior, although it is best to film when there are few people and it is not too noisy. If you are preparing a Christmas greeting, you can go to nature. Snow-covered trees, snowdrifts, and a frozen river – a great backdrop for the holiday!
  1. Take gear and decor. First of all, think about what to shoot. Ideally, use a video camera, but a simple camera with a video mode is also suitable. If you don’t have any of the above, don’t despair. Modern smartphones do a great job too. Especially if there is good lighting. Also, grab the costumes and attributes you plan to use. If you need to decorate the location of the shoot, don’t forget the decor. And it’s better to take it with a margin and grab alternative jewelry options in case the idea doesn’t look as cool in real life as it seemed in your imagination.

Shooting tip: it’s a good idea to record your video piece by piece. So it will be easier for you to work with the finished material, and perform editing. And if something went wrong during shooting, it will be easier to re-shoot only a small fragment and not the whole thing. 

  1. Select an editor. If you want to create a video from photos, choose a super simple editor. Well, if you work with video in more detail, choose a powerful program with a clear interface and many tools for work – applying filters and effects, animation transitions, overlaying music, and voice acting.

Wrap Up

Of course, you can download a video greeting from the Internet, but the work done on your own, with love and care, is always more valuable. The best way to prepare a gift video is to use a special PC program.

We hope you find our ideas helpful. Good luck and happy celebrating!

Collaborative guest post

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