Do You Glue or Click Vinyl Flooring? [AD]

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If you are considering installing luxury vinyl flooring throughout your home or within an individual room, you may feel unsure about which option to have installed – Glue or click.

It may not seem like a huge deal whichever you choose, but there is enough of a difference in ease and when it comes to installation costs that you should consider. Which one is best for you comes down to either laying it yourself or having a professional fit it for you – and how much effort you want to put into it.


With a slightly thinner design, the glue option is a method that provides stable, long-lasting flooring. You will need to ensure the subfloor you are installing over is even, flat and has no imperfections that will be highlighted underneath the new flooring.

After ensuring that the subfloor is not harbouring any moisture, each tile will require glueing down. Admittedly this takes a bit longer to install and may require the work of a professional installer if you find it intimidating or time-consuming.

Glue down vinyl flooring is a more affordable option over its click cousin, but the cheaper option does not mean it differs in the final product. Offering increased stability and an elevated level of durability for those heavy traffic rooms, glue wins in areas where moisture and temperatures tend to rise – such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Although vinyl flooring excels in the low impact of moisture and rising temperatures, there are still problems that can affect your floor. If you are looking to implement LVT in high moisture areas then glue down is the preferred method.


Offering the same layered construction as glue down, click does have its differences. Incorporating a click system requires a thicker product than its glued alternative, which does not necessarily offer more durability but has the same wear layer as a glued option.

The click system offers incredible ease in installation that can be done by virtually anyone, with many people choosing to forgo the professional fitter and the hourly pay rate. The chosen choice is to use an underlay instead of fitting it over a subfloor, which gives a boost to the comfort and reduces the amount of work put into installation.

Being a fast and easy installation product, Luvanto vinyl flooring gives a genuine aesthetic due to the thickness of the planks whilst providing maximum comfort underfoot and minimum impact on your time. This is a much more preferred product due to these reasons.

When looking for the best in both choices, you can be sure to find that luxury vinyl flooring choices suit any room, and discuss with your supplier as to the kind of room you are looking at installing for which installation type is better suited.

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