Tale of a humpback whale rising out of the sea in the distance

Summer 2022 Day Trip Ideas in SoCal [AD]

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If you’re looking for a fun way to show your family the sights of Southern California, nothing could be better than a quick day trip out of town. No matter where you are in SoCal, there are usually exciting new attractions to see only a town away. You can enjoy San Diego whale watching, for example, while taking in the sights of the San Diego harbor. Indeed, yachting is one of the best activities for a day trip, and it’s a great opportunity to bond with the friends or family that you bring along. Find out why a day spent on a yacht might be the best day trip of all.

View from the front of a yacht across the sea

What Places Are Best for Day Trips in SoCal?

There are many spots in the running for the best destination for a Southern California day trip. You might look at cities such as San Diego, Long Beach, or even Los Angeles, and wonder which one is the right choice for your next day trip excursion. When it comes down to it, though, you should see what kind of attractions are the most appealing. You might find that there are San Diego special events going on, for example, that are particularly attractive for the family. Different cities in Southern California frequently have events like these, so it’s a good idea to check a calendar before your trip.

Another one of the most popular destinations is Catalina Island. This island is barely 75 square miles, but don’t let its size fool you — there are many activities and attractions packed into its small footprint. Sailing a yacht to this destination makes for a great day trip because Catalina Island is only about 86 miles away from San Diego and 47 miles away from Los Angeles. This means it can easily be accessed from a harbor in either city.

Tale of a humpback whale rising out of the sea in the distance

What to Do on Your Day Trip

What should you do once you reach the destination of your day trip? The answer depends on where you’ve decided to go and who you have with you. For families who decide to travel to Catalina Island, for example, activities such as wildlife watching may beckon. There are also restaurants, shopping, and a museum that you can check out. There are just enough attractions to fill up a day so that nobody gets bored — and the journey is an attraction in and of itself!

When you set sail on a yacht, the whole family will enjoy the oceanic scenery. If you’re lucky, you may even see some marine wildlife, including whales. Of course, if this is the objective of your trip, you can embark on a yachting tour specifically dedicated to whale watching San Diego.

Whale watching is a fantastic activity for the family because it gives kids the opportunity to learn about animals while teaching them important concepts such as environmentalism and conservationism. Children of all ages will love seeing whales, and even if no whales make an appearance, taking in the city scenery from the water is always a treat.

AD – Advertorial guest post

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