Vitality move fitness and music festival

#VitalityMove family friendly fitness and music festival

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I’m delighted to be working with Vitality to train for their Vitality Move family friendly fitness and music festival. The festival was created in collaboration with Olympian Jessica Ennis-Hill and DJ Trevor Nelson and takes place in two incredible locations – Chatsworth House on Sunday 9th July and Windsor Great Park on Sunday 17th September.

My training goals for this year

Back in December, I decided I wanted to take on a challenge this year. I knew I wouldn’t have time to train for an Ironman which is my ultimate goal, but I hoped I’d find the time to train for a half ironman.

As usual, this all came to a head when I’d had a bit too much wine over Christmas. I got a bit above my station and entered quite a tough half-ironman that takes place in June. Have I trained enough for it? No. Am I still going to do it? I’m not sure.

The part I’m worried about is the cycling. I’ve recently started to get out on the bike again, but I’ve been riding a mountain bike. Last week I managed to get my road bike fixed and ready to ride, then we went away for the weekend.

Vitality move fitness and music festival

So, with two months to go until the half ironman, I’m just about to start training on my road bike. And to add insult to very probable injury, my husband is going away for a fortnight next week. So realistically, training will start in earnest with about 6 weeks to go.

Luckily, I could manage the swim and run elements already as I do keep up with those. So I’m convincing myself that it’s not as bad as it sounds. And after the half-ironman, it will be time to start upping the pace on my running ready for the VitalityMove festival.

Before having children, my best time for a 10K was 49 minutes. That was on a trail run as 10K was never really my distance so I never did a fast race. And with that in mind, my aim for the VitalityMove festival is to beat my 10K personal best.

Training motivation

In addition to the motivation of beating my PB in the 10K and surviving the half-ironman, Vitality have sent me some exciting goodies to keep me going. I’ll be having a health MOT and a six month membership with Nuffield Health. They’ve sent me loads of other exciting things too, including a TomTom Spark 3 sports watch and some sports socks that are girly enough to stop my husband from pinching them.

Thursday photo #153

But best of all, next week I’m off to a training boot camp with Jessica Ennis-Hill. The girls are able to come and join in with some of the activities too. In fact, they will be taking part in some races at the Vitality Move festival.

One of the reasons I keep myself fit and active is because I want the girls to see this as a lifestyle choice. This has already rubbed off on Libby, who is a keen Park Run participant. She will also be taking part in the 5K run at the Vitality Move festival with me.

Every day I read another post about the way I should be bringing up my children. And now I hear that those who listened to the experts many years ago are being accused of breeding a generation of failures.

As for Lia, she’s not quite up to running 5K yet, so she will be running the mile race. There are loads of other things going on as well. There will be yoga and other sports to try out. And of course, there will be plenty of music. It will be a brilliant day out for the whole family and hopefully a great environment for running a fast time.

If you’d like to take part in vitality move, use the code NATALIE10 for 10% off tickets. For every paying entry, VitalityMove will donate £1 to Diabetes UK.

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