Roomzzz Manchester Corn Exchange building exterior

24 hours in Manchester with Roomzzz

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Is there anything more inconvenient than staying in a hotel with children? Putting them to bed, then creeping about the room and resorting to reading in the bathroom so you don’t disturb them. Eating out because there’s nowhere to cook. Then trying to entertain them in the morning with no space for them to play. Thankfully, Roomzzz have a solution.

Roomzzz Manchester Corn Exchange building exterior

About Roomzzz Aparthotels

In cities around the UK, Roomzzz Aparthotels are bridging the gap between boutique hotel and serviced apartment. They aim to give you more freedom and space, providing you with everything you need and nothing you don’t. So, the minibar is out, the fully equipped kitchen is in. Sitting down for breakfast is out, grabbing breakfast from the ‘grab and go’ breakfast bar to eat in your room or on the move is in.

Roomzzz Manchester Corn Exchange kitchen
Roomzzz Manchester Corn Exchange grab n go breakfast

It marks the end of small, stuffy hotel rooms that are completely inappropriate for families with children. Instead, try a flat screen television in each room. A table and chairs in case you need to work, and larger rooms with sofas to relax on. The kitchen has a microwave, hob, dishwasher and fridge freezer. A hair drier, iron and ironing board are on hand if you need them and all guests have access to free WiFi.

Roomzzz Manchester Corn Exchange bed

Roomzzz Manchester Corn Exchange

Roomzzz embrace the quirks of the iconic Corn Exchange building in Manchester to provide 114 unique apartments. Each one is equipped to Roomzzz standards and offers easy access to the city centre. 14 restaurants within the Corn Exchange building make it easy to treat yourself to dinner. Alternatively, make use of the 24 hour shop and eat in your room.

Roomzzz Manchester Corn Exchange staircase
Roomzzz Manchester Corn Exchange restaurants

For us, staying in a Roomzzz apartment was the height of convenience. We arrived late and the staff informed me that there were two rooms booked for us. My husband had decided to stay with a friend, so it was just me and the girls and I was a bit worried about having two rooms. I needn’t have been though. The rooms were interconnecting, so I was able to put the girls to bed in their own room and leave the adjoining door open. This allowed me to get some work done and watch some television before going to bed myself.

Roomzzz Manchester Corn Exchange seat
Roomzzz Manchester Corn Exchange sofa

Our stay in Roomzzz Manchester Corn Exchange

As soon as the girls walked into their room, they were bouncing with excitement. Despite me leaving the door open between our rooms, this was their own space. They had a kitchen and shower room to themselves, space to play and a big television at the end of their bed. Luckily, they were too tired to want to watch television before bed and it wasn’t long before they were tucked up and fast asleep.

Roomzzz Manchester Corn Exchange pillow fight

They slept brilliantly throughout the night, but the excitement was all a bit much by first thing in the morning. They got up far too early for me, so I put the television on for them and they cuddled up in bed to watch it while I had a nap.

Roomzzz Manchester Corn Exchange watching television

Some time later, we took advantage of the grab and go breakfast and brought it back up to our room. They didn’t want everything they’d chosen straight away, but rather than waste it as they would have done in the dining room, we just popped it in a bag and took it with us for later.

Roomzzz Manchester Corn Exchange eating breakfast

Why Roomzzz Manchester Corn Exchange?

Its proximity to the city centre makes Roomzzz Manchester Corn Exchange the ideal location for a night out or a spot of shopping. For us though, there was another reason for visiting Manchester.

Last Christmas, my husband bought me a voucher for indoor skydiving. As soon as I saw it, I knew Libby would want to get involved as well. So, I booked us both in for half term. It was, by some distance, the most exciting thing Libby has ever done. I’ve done a proper skydive so I knew what to expect but it was an amazing thing to enjoy with Libby. Having dinner with friends before relaxing in our Roomzzz aparthotel was the ideal way to wind down afterwards too.

AD – Press trip

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  1. Wow this looks brilliant! After sharing a hotel room with two sleep talking (shouting) sleep walking and fidgeting boys this week, I think we’ll definitely be looking into hotels with interconnecting rooms in the future. Especially as Si is the World’s lightest sleeper.

    Stevie x

  2. Looks so fab there! Ideal to have interconnecting rooms. We stayed at a gorgeous boutique hotel in London last year, which had a double bed and sofa bed, and it was lush to be fair, but you’re right, it’s just no fun at all when the kids go to bed and you just have to remain practically silent all night then! I’ll definitely be checking out roomzzz for our next trip.

      1. Well we don’t do much traveling to be honest, but I’m glad I’ve found out about this hotel now, when hopefully we’ll have traveling in the future. So thank you!

  3. I love the look of these apartments. You’re right hotel rooms are not fun for parents and this looks like a great solution. I love the idea of a grab and go breakfast too, great idea. It sounds like they’ve really thought about what people want x

  4. I love the idea of grabbing breakfast and loading it into a paper bag. So handy! You’re right, having to creep around the children at night is one of the most difficult things about going away, so this is a brilliant service.

  5. This sounds perfect for a city break with kids, I am not a fan of all being in a hotel room together so this sounds perfect. I really want to do more city breaks with the kids next year so I will have to keep Roomzzz in mind as it sounds ideal. Really like the grab and go breakfast too, so much better for little ones like mine who like to graze x