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A child free break at Point A Liverpool Street

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When I go to London, I tend to either go there and back in the day or stay with my sister who lives nearby. Occasionally though, it’s nice to treat a work trip as a short, child-free break. We’re not the sort of couple who go away without the children. My husband will occasionally have a few days away but it’s rare for me to do so. Last week though, a work event in London was the perfect excuse. I caught the train down after my husband got home from work and checked into Point A Liverpool Street hotel

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About Point A hotels

Point A pride themselves on providing everything their customers need, and nothing they don’t. The rooms are small, modern and well equipped. They have comfortable ‘Hypnos’ beds, a good shower, a big television, hairdryer, tiny desk, air conditioning and mood lighting. 

They are environmentally conscious so they’ve done away with the ridiculous miniatures many hotels use. Instead, they provide hand wash and hair and body wash in large containers in the bathroom. Rooms are cleaned thoroughly after every guest and every third night for people staying longer. There’s an ironing room instead of irons in every room. A desk and chair are provided, but they fold up against the wall instead of taking up space. 

Staying in a Point A hotel feels a bit like the Japanese capsule concept. You have somewhere to sleep, sit and watch television. The rooms aren’t vast or overly luxurious. However they’re clean, make good use of space and they’re as environmentally friendly as possible. Just my sort of place. 

Point A Hotel television, desk and mirror
Point A Hotel hand wash

My stay at Point A Liverpool Street

Point A Liverpool Street is about a 5 minute walk from Liverpool Street underground station. On checkin, I was given breakfast vouchers for a continental breakfast in the morning. The room was relatively quiet, I only heard a couple of people talking late in the evening and people wheeling suitcases along. 

The air conditioning was set to quite a cold temperature, which was nice to go into after a warm day. By late evening I was quite cold, so I turned the air conditioning off and the temperature was fine. Probably my favourite thing about the room was the blackout curtains. I fell asleep quickly in the comfortable bed and woke up about 15 minutes before my alarm feeling more refreshed than I’ve felt in a long time. 

Point A Hotel bed
Point A Hotel sink and shower

After putting the rather lovely power shower to the test, I headed down to meet my sister for breakfast. We enjoyed a leisurely continental breakfast in their outdoor area and ended up spending a couple of hours there. Whilst most people came and went during that time, a couple were working from the restaurant. Free WiFi is available throughout the hotel, so I’d managed to get some work done during the evening as well. 

Point A Hotel Breakfast

Point A Hotels: The verdict

Whilst Point A Hotels aren’t set up for families, they are absolutely ideal for parents in need of a break without spending a fortune. Their central locations make them a great option for staying in London. Their ability to cut down to the basics also makes them a cheap option for accommodation in the City. Rooms cost from £69 per night. I would definitely use them again. 

AD – Press trip

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