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It’s Christmas At Webb’s Garden Centre

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Last year a visit to Webbs Garden Centre was the thing that got us all into the festive spirit. Since our last visit, Libby has been asking me at least once a week when we’d be going again. It’s been a long 52 weeks but finally, the Webb’s Garden Centre Ice Rink and Christmas Grotto are back. So it may be a bit early but for me, Christmas starts here!

My husband’s review of Christmas at Webb’s Garden Centre

With hubby off work, we headed over there en masse today. My sister Soph came to give me a hand with the girls and my husband came to watch.

As a one off, once in a lifetime opportunity, I am letting my husband have his say – on my blog no less. So here is his assessment of Christmas at Webbs.

“Today NASA instructed two of its finest trainees to try out a new anti-gravity Ice Rink at Webb’s of Wychbold, near Droitwich. Trainee Libby was provided with a pair of titanium plated rocket shoes and trainee Lia was provided with a jet propelled yellow banana thingy. 

Webbs Christmas Ice Rink

Both used NASA support staff to facilitate the mission, which was successfully completed. They circumnavigated the rink 47 times, reaching speeds in excessive of 3mph, pulling 0.0000001 G, at the apex of the circuit. Please don’t try this at home, these guys are the best. 

Ice skating Webbs Wychbold

Unfortunately the anti-gravity system did not seem to be working as gravity was in evidence everywhere at Webbs Garden Centre this Christmas. 

Both trainee Lia and trainee Libby appeared to be smiling and enjoying themselves. Don’t be fooled, the forces generated during these scientific experiments only give that impression, both are the professionals in their field. They take their work very seriously.

After a suitable recovery period including a warm down and ice bath, both trainees and support staff were provided with delicious ‘energy moon muffins’ and a hot drink.

Christmas Cafe Webbs Garden Centre

Once the mission was successfully completed both trainees went to visit Father Christmas in his grotto. Both were delighted with the various themes as you walk through the grotto en route to see the man himself.

Christmas Grotto Webbs Garden Centre

Father Christmas was very engaging and Libby was thrilled to meet him. When Father Christmas asked her what she wanted for Christmas, NASA’s trainee of the year for the last three years and widely tipped to become the first 5 year old in Space, asked for “a fish toy to go in the bath and a Wendy house”.

Father Christmas Webbs Garden centre 2015

Lia was less impressed with him as she was just getting over the shock of coming face to face with a smiling elf with a hammer in his hand earlier in the grotto.

Christmas at Webb’s Garden Centre – The Verdict

In summary I have to report that we all had a fantastic time at the Webb’s of Wychbold new Ice Skating rink, which you can either participate in or watch from the comfort of the café.

The yellow banana thingy and the push along penguin both provide an excellent opportunity for the younger ‘space cadets’ to participate fully in what was a memorable experience.

The icing on the cake was visiting Father Christmas via his magical grotto and the excellent selection of toys at the end.

Trainee Lia chose a doll and trainee Libby opted for a mini drum kit…………deep joy.”

Christmas Grotto Webbs Garden Centre 2015

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