Our Thursday Photo #80

Thursday Photo #80I’m not one for starting Christmas early. But somehow, I’ve been swept away with the spirit of things this week and I’m starting to feel a bit festive.

On Tuesday, we went to Webbs Garden Centre for their ice rink and Santa’s grotto. Yesterday I took part in the bloggers Christmas shopping challenge at Old Market Shopping Centre, Hereford and we saw them switch on the Christmas lights.

So against my better judgement, I’m thinking about Christmas trees already. I’ve even started a Christmas Pinterest board for inspiration.

I love the look and smell of a real Christmas tree but I don’t think that the look and smell of a real Christmas tree that has been through the digestive system of a dog will be quite so pleasant.

And on that basis – and knowing Bubbles as I do – we’ll be sticking to a fake one this year. So if anyone has any recommendations for a brilliant, realistic fake tree I’d love to hear them.

We’ve had a fabulous week this week. Every time Libby saw Father Christmas, her face just lit up. It’s so lovely to see her so excited. Lia is less enthused by the weirdy beardy bloke in red, but I’m sure her time will come next year.

The only slight problem with so much going on is that both girls are incredibly tired. This has led to Libby being a bit naughty at home, so she’s having a few afternoon naps and early nights to get back to normal.

On Saturday, we’re off to Drayton’s Magical Christmas which I think will be the ultimate festive experience for the girls. There’s going to be snow storms, Santa, rides, Christmas trees and an ice rink.

With all this going on in November, I’m really not quite sure how December is going to live up to its reputation for being the month when Christmas actually happens!

Things are still quite tough at home for me, all the exciting days out have meant that I’ve been ending up getting to sleep at around 2.30 am most nights.

I wouldn’t change things for the world, I love that the children are having so many exciting times as they grow up. But I do still need to fit in work and at the moment, that’s quite difficult.

For this week’s Thursday photo, I had a plethora of festive images of grinning children to choose from. I’ve already used most of my favourites on my blog but I couldn’t pass up the chance of sharing the excited grin on Libby’s face in this one.

Someone who is this excited about seeing a plastic Santa is going to be pretty chuffed when the “real” one comes on Christmas Eve.

Here is our Thursday photo #80. Lia wasn’t over the moon to see even this plastic Santa but Libby was excited enough for them both.

Thursday photo #80

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