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Paddington in Concert: Review

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As the audience gasped at the dramatic scenes from Darkest Peru, the sound of a full concert orchestra filled the auditorium. Four double basses, a harp, a guitar, multiple violins, violas, cellos and wind and brass instruments. Not to mention the hard-working percussionists. Just when we thought this iconic film couldn’t get any better, they added the London Concert Orchestra playing Nick Urata’s calypso-infused score live.

About Paddington the Movie

Despite not being particularly old, Paddington has quickly become a classic. The story follows everyone’s favourite bear as he sadly loses his uncle Pastuzo and is sent to London by his aunt Lucy. Arriving with little other than his hat and a marmalade sandwich, he finds himself at Paddington Station. Far from the warm welcome he is expecting, London is the buzzing, chaotic place we all know and love.

Luckily, Paddington soon falls in with the kind Brown family. They take him home where he causes chaos from the start. His hilarious battle with “the facilities” sets off a chain of unfortunate events. Meanwhile, the film’s obligatory baddie, played by Nicole Kidman is determined to find him and have him stuffed. When she captures him and takes him to the Natural History Museum, it’s time for Mr Brown and the rest of his family to step up and rescue their furry friend.

The film is based on Michael Bond’s beautiful children’s books. But don’t be fooled into thinking that the film is just for kids. There are plenty of laughs in there that adults will enjoy as well and it really is a beautiful story. I can’t even begin to describe how much better an already wonderful film is when accompanied by a live orchestra.

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Paddington in Concert: Review

The London Concert Orchestra who played the film score live on stage were absolutely incredible. The ambience they managed to create gave a whole new meaning to the story. Even Paddington super-fans who have watched the film on countless occasions will be drawn into the heightened emotions of the story.

Dramatic scenes are enhanced by the sound and the scary parts do seem a little more frightening. Likewise the upbeat tunes and carnival atmosphere increase the fun and laughter in the lighter elements.

The skill of the conductor and the musicians to keep perfectly in time with the film was phenomenal. I was a little worried that the music would drown out the film and make it difficult to follow, but there was only one part that I couldn’t quite hear. Even then, there were subtitles on the screen so it really wasn’t a problem.

Paddington In Concert FAQs

How do I get tickets for Paddington in Concert

Tickets are available from RG Live.

What dates is Paddington in Concert touring?

The remaining tour dates are The Bridgewater Hall, Manchester on Sunday 7th April, Empire Theatre, Liverpool on Tuesday 9th April, Usher Hall, Edinburgh on Friday 12th April and the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow on Saturday 13th April 2024.

Is Paddington in Concert suitable for children?

The film is aimed at children aged 7 and over, but there were a lot of younger children there when we went. Some of them were a bit frightened, so I would base your decision on whether to take them on how well they cope with scary parts in films and loud noise rather than their age. My two are aged 9 and 11 and they LOVED it.

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