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Disney On Ice presents Dream Big 2018

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Much to the delight of children across the country, Moana makes her debut in this year’s Disney on Ice. We are huge fans of the show and go at least once a year, sometimes twice. Every time I wonder whether the girls will get fed up of it. Then, the show excels itself  yet again. And I remember why we love it so much.

Disney on Ice princesses

Meeting their Disney on Ice idols

For many little ones, meeting Elsa and Anna is a dream come true. My two are no exception. When we were asked if we wanted to go to a meet and greet before the show, I thought they might meet Mickey Mouse. The girls were excited, but when they realised they’d be meeting their favourite princesses, it really did make their day.

Disney on Ice Elsa Anna

Frozen played a big part in the show as always, with quite a large part of the story being told. Anna met the prince and told Elsa that she intended to get married. Elsa turned the Kingdom to ice and ran away, so Anna set out to find her. The story then plays out to the end with the princesses ultimately being reunited to open the gates of the Kingdom for good, with a little help from their friends.

Disney on Ice Olaf

Introducing Moana to Disney on Ice

Among Libby and Lia’s friends, Moana has been a hugely popular film over the past few years. The girls were even involved in making a video for Vitality and Disney about hand washing with a Moana theme earlier this year. So for them, Moana was definitely the highlight.

Moana meets and dances with an enormous Maui. Characters like this always amaze me with their skating ability. I have literally no idea how the skater even sees out of the costume. Only a small portion of the story is played out, but it features some favourite songs and the girls were singing and dancing along.

Disney on Ice Moana

The other stories

As with every Disney on Ice show, numerous stories play out during the course of the production. Last time we went, there were only four stories in the show, so I expected something similar. This time though, there were lots more stories. During the first half, I started sharing a clip from each one on my Instagram stories, but it wasn’t long before I realised I couldn’t keep up.

Disney on Ice Little Mermaid

It made the show fast paced, with not a moment going by where there wasn’t something exciting going on. All the favourite Disney songs made an appearance, with the usual links presented by Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, the Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel were all there. A trip under the sea introduced Ariel and other underwater friends. And Tinkerbell made several appearances, waving her wand each time a little magic was required.

Disney on Ice Beauty and the Beast
Disney on Ice fish
Disney on Ice Cinderella

Today’s show has made me realise that we are a long way off the girls growing out of Disney on Ice. Libby was up on her feet dancing at every opportunity and Lia couldn’t take her eyes off her favourite princesses. So, will we be back again next year? Of course we will. For tickets and tour dates and information, head to the Disney on Ice website.

Disney on Ice Presents 2018 Review | This year's Disney on Ice features more favourite Disney stories than ever before. Moana has her first appearance to the delight of children and adults alike. Of course, Mickey and Minnie mouse are there to present the show. #DisneyOnIce #DisneyLovers #Disney #KidsActivities #DisneyShow

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  1. Hi Nat, I am feeling so out of touch with the world of Disney, I’ve never heard of Moana *hangs head in shame*. Disney On Ice looks asmuch fun for adults to watch as children. I had to laugh at your girls expressions when meeting their Disney princesses, they look semi-petrified! They do say we should never meet out idols.


    1. Haha, yes they do look like rabbits in the headlights. They were pretty pleased though 😉 Moana is a relatively recent Disney film, I think you’d enjoy it!