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What do you see when you look in the mirror?

Do you ever stand and face a mirror for no other reason than to see who is looking back at you? What do you see? Is your face the sum of all your experiences, a tale of a life well lived? Do you see the person who went through all those trials and tribulations to get to where you are now? Or do you see every wrinkle, grey hair and unwanted feature that taunts you? See the ones who didn’t make it When you stare into the eyes in the mirror, do you curse the dark circles beneath them? Look…

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Age like a dog

An elderly dog padded steadily across a green field. He drank in the spring air and paused to investigate an interesting smell. Life was no longer a rush. Age was not an affliction, rather an opportunity to embrace the finer things. A warm bed, a slow walk and the excitement of being reunited with loved ones. Embrace youth like a dog Every sunrise brings a new adventure. Spring from your bed ready to face the day. Run, play and love with the boundless enthusiasm of a puppy. Fill every moment with excitement, until you can take no more. Then sleep,…

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