The problem with dogs is that it feels as though they were always there. And we kid ourselves that they always will be.

Age like a dog

An elderly dog padded steadily across a green field. He drank in the spring air and paused to investigate an interesting smell. Life was no longer a rush. Age was not an affliction, rather an opportunity to embrace the finer things. A warm bed, a slow walk and the excitement of being reunited with loved ones.

The problem with dogs is that it feels as though they were always there. And we kid ourselves that they always will be. Elderly tan lurcher dog sniffing at bluebells in the grass.

Embrace youth like a dog

Every sunrise brings a new adventure. Spring from your bed ready to face the day. Run, play and love with the boundless enthusiasm of a puppy. Fill every moment with excitement, until you can take no more. Then sleep, until you are refreshed enough to do it all again.

Love fully. Trust everyone you meet and be confident that they will love you. How could they not? You are beautiful, faithful and fun. Each person is a new playmate. Learn from them, enjoy their company and listen to their every word. Show your feelings and wear your heart on your sleeve.

Brindle staffy running through a field of long grass with her eyes partly closed and a grin on her face

Approach adulthood like a dog

Upon reaching adulthood, be aware that you have not changed. Don’t let go of your zest for life or forget to embrace every moment. Life as an adult is more exciting. Do more, be yourself. Enjoy your new-found freedom and find the time to get to know everyone you meet.

Grow up in body only. Don’t be daunted by the weight of responsibility. Live each day fully, taking every opportunity to have fun with loved ones and new friends.

brindle staffie dog with a ball in her mouth. The ball is blue with teeth drawn onto it. Dog looks like she is smiling a crazy grin.

Age like a dog

Realise that old age is not an affliction, but an opportunity. For now, you have learnt what is really important.

Listen to the sigh of an elderly dog as he sinks into a soft, warm bed. Not a sigh of discomfort, although his old joints ache these days. Nor a sigh of relief at taking the weight off his tired paws. Rather, that sigh is one of pleasure. Immersed in that moment alone, he allows himself to relax fully, thinking only of the joy he feels right now.

Snoozer UK make a range of products for dogs. The cozy cave is a warm, cosy, washable dog bed that is so appealing I've emailed them to ask if they'd think about making one for humans!

Age like a dog. Embrace latter years with a slower pace. Enjoy things that had previously passed by unnoticed. Savour each morsel of food. Gaze upon a beautiful view and get up early to watch the sunrise. Above all else, spend time with the ones you love, being fully present. Because nothing is more important.

And when your time comes go gracefully, surrounded by loved ones. Leave nothing but happy memories of excitement, fun, laughter and little moments. Such that when they think of you, they can’t help but smile. Because you completed them, so you will forever hold a place in their hearts.

Dogs | There is a lot we can learn from our pets. Dogs in particular seem to be such wise beings despite living such painfully short lives. Here's how to age like a dog - and why you should. #dogs #pets #ageing

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  1. Hi Nat, what a lovely post! With a tinge of sadness at the end, as only an owner of an old dog would know. There is a lot we can learn from our furry friends, and right now I am enjoying the warmth of two little ones sat either side of my lap, as much as I suspect they are too.


  2. Oh my goodness what a beautiful post. I’m feeling so sorry for our dog at the moment as he certainly doesn’t get as much attention as he used to (although he still has his prime spot on our bed!). After reading this I’m going to give him a big hug and get him a new toy.

  3. Aww I love this post. How I wish we could age like that. Dogs are such wonderful friends, I don’t have one just now, but did growing up. Sending hugs xx #mondaystumble

  4. A lovely post, I spend all my days with my dog and quite often you’ll find us just mooching around and having a sleep during the afternoon, taking things easy #animaltales

  5. Oh this is absolutely beautiful and one of the best animals posts I have read in ages. Despite being the first #AnimalTales post I have read from last month read (apologies for delay, I have been struck down with an evil lurgy and am only just catching up), it has already earned its place as one of my featured posts for the January link up (which opens tomorrow!). Thank you for this truly inspiring post.