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Thursday Photo #163

Last weekend, I pretty much had the weekend off. I really can’t remember the last time I did that. But it was brilliant, and I intend to make a habit of it. Not every weekend, but occasionally. Social media was still there when I turned the computer back on. I had more emails than usual to delete reply to, and I’ve been chasing my tail a bit all week. But it was worth it. The birthday party At last, birthday season in our house is over. Libby had an amazing time at her party, which we held at Top Barn…

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This is a puppy takeover

Ahem. Testing, testing 1, 2, 1… oh, there you are. Shh, they don’t know I’m here. It’s me. No I’m over here. No, not in the tree, in the grass. Ok, I’ll show myself for a second.  There. It’s me, Bubbles. You ain’t seen me, right?  Anyway, I’ve got to be quick before they catch me. I know you read all about me when the writer told you that one more family member had arrived.  Yes, yes I know you thought they were going to say they’d decided to have a baby but no, just little old me.  So when I moved in…

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