Thursday Photo #163

Last weekend, I pretty much had the weekend off. I really can’t remember the last time I did that. But it was brilliant, and I intend to make a habit of it. Not every weekend, but occasionally. Social media was still there when I turned the computer back on. I had more emails than usual to delete reply to, and I’ve been chasing my tail a bit all week. But it was worth it.

The birthday party

At last, birthday season in our house is over. Libby had an amazing time at her party, which we held at Top Barn near Worcester. They made things so simple for us, we couldn’t have been happier. The children played in the playground, saw the farm animals, ran alongside some pigs who were racing for their lunch and went on a tractor ride.

Then they stroked rabbits and chickens before heading back to a marquee in the playground for a birthday tea. The catering was done for us, so I just had to make a cake which was a lot easier thanks to Craft and Crumb who kindly provided me with a cake kit. I took no photos at all at the party, which was actually lovely. I was just able to enjoy it with the girls. This is the cake though, I thought it was rather sweet.

The manic weekend

Of course, the fact I wasn’t working didn’t mean that the weekend wasn’t just as manic as ever. In fact, it may even have been more so. After spending Saturday morning baking the cake, we headed to the party. Then it was on to MappFest – an independent music festival held on a local common in aid of local charities.

Half way down my third pint of cider, I realised I’d agreed to a long run the following morning. Massive error. Nonetheless, on Sunday the girls went off to an airshow in Bristol, while I embarked on a 17.5 mile run across the hills. I learnt a lot about running in the heat, and actually it wasn’t as bad as it sounds.

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After that, it was off to a family barbecue. It was amazing to see my cousin who was back from New Zealand. The girls and my husband joined me there when they were back from the airshow and it was a great way to round off a fabulous weekend.

The demon dog

I shared a post on my Facebook page yesterday about a photo I’d taken of Bubbles. My husband had shown a close up of it to some work colleagues, and they’d all assumed she was a vicious dog. In fact, she was just playing with Lia, chasing bubbles around the decking. It just goes to show how people’s views of staffies are tainted by the bad press they get – most of which is totally undeserved.

Our Thursday photo #163

After such a busy weekend, it has been brilliant to spend some time at home in the evenings. The girls have played outside with their new bubble machine, and that’s where this week’s Thursday photo was taken. I wish I’d bought one of these years ago when we still had Jamer the cat, she would have loved it. Nonetheless, it is a brilliant little toy that the girls and Bubbles have already had hours of fun with. Long may it continue.

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