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Where does makeup fit into body confidence and feminism?

These days, social media is awash with posts about body confidence. Feeling comfortable in your own skin, rejecting the need to be ‘beach body ready’. Because let’s face it, we’re all beach body ready. There’s a beach, I have a body. I’m ready. Another movement I’m loving is feminism. Women refusing to conform to the societal norms that make life more difficult for us. Hair removal is a great example and it’s wonderful to see women choosing whether to remove bodily hair, rather than feeling that they have to. However there’s one thing that doesn’t sit comfortably with me in…

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Bitchy women and a sexist society: the chicken or the egg?

Feminism, women’s rights, the gender pay gap. Incredibly important issues. As a female, as a parent and as a reasonable member of society, they matter to me. And yet on a particular day this week, six different incidents made me question my own feelings on these emotive topics. The women Picture the scene. You are happily making conversation with a female you don’t know particularly well. Passing the time of day, making small talk. Because you are both polite, reasonable people. Then, when you are mid-sentence, another female walks up and interrupts to talk to the person you are with.…

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Bullying labelled as feminism is still bullying

I am a feminist. I have spent years fighting to be treated the same as my male counterparts in business. A career I loved was tainted by the insufferable old boys’ network attitude. I have seen first hand the devastating effect of abusive relationships, belittling attitudes and discriminatory behaviours. And yet in recent weeks I have noticed women cruelly and mercilessly bullying men. Throwing allegations at them, calling them names and relentlessly hounding them for holding a different point of view. That is not feminism, it’s bullying and it’s not acceptable. I am a female, I am a feminist. I am not a…

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