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Can you eat too much fruit?

Can you eat too much fruit? It’s not a question I ever thought I’d hear myself ask. Fruit is healthy, it’s natural and it’s good for you. But can you have too much of a good thing? Over the past few weeks, a habit has been forming in our house. The children wake up early and we always want to stay in bed a bit longer. So, they go downstairs and entertain themselves for a while. Playing, watching television or playing the piano. The one thing that is consistent is that they help themselves to fruit from the fruit bowl.…

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How to make healthy Easter egg nests: Recipe

Earlier in the week, Lia and I decided to put her fabulous apron from Arty apple through its paces. There’s nothing better than chocolate to test out an apron and with Easter coming up we thought we’d make Easter egg nests. When I was browsing Pinterest, I found this healthy chocolate recipe from Eats Amazing. We decided we’d give this a go and make healthy Easter egg nests. And I have to say, it was a resounding success! Here’s the video of how we did it and the written recipe is below. Healthy Easter egg nests – Ingredients Coconut oil (100g) Cocoa…

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