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A garden renovation project

For many years, our garden has been a source of frustration. It’s not huge, but there is plenty of space. The problem was, we weren’t making the most of it. It was disjointed, with the front garden separate from the back and side garden. There was no fence between the front garden and the pavement. Strangely though, there was a huge hedge between the front and back gardens. Removing the hedge To reclaim our front garden, the first task was to remove the conifer hedge. This seemed like a mammoth task. Knowing when to do it was difficult too. Whilst…

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5 tips for growing vegetables with children

One of my biggest parenting flaws is my reluctance to be in the same house as my children. I know, it’s a pretty big flaw. But when we’re indoors, everything is just so difficult. They get bored, watch too much television, start bothering me and we drive each other mad. But all that changes as soon as we step out into the garden. I have big plans for my garden over the next 12 months. We’ll be fencing off an area that we’re currently unable to use. It will become the children’s play area and we’ll have a little vegetable patch too.…

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Rocket Gardens – Review

Last week, we were lucky enough to be sent a Large Vegetable Garden (Autumn Winter) to review from Rocket Gardens. The idea behind Rocket Gardens is that they take the hassle out of growing your own food. They do the tricky bit for you – growing the plants from seed into a small seedling that is ready to go straight into the ground. How Rocket Gardens plants are sent When our large vegetable garden arrived, it consisted of hundreds of tiny plants. They each had their own little bit of compost but they weren’t in pots. Instead, they were all…

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