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The loneliness of the mainland

The feeling had been stirring for a few weeks. Not a crippling emotional pain but a nagging sense of discontent. Nothing was quite going to plan. Cancelled work, stretched finances. Tired children, nagging doubts. And above all else, the dawning realisation that nobody really cared. Trying to speak It was the ongoing battle that tipped the scales of doubt. Countless attempts to tell somebody. Subconsciously willing them to stop what they were doing. Wishing with every fibre that one of them would rouse from the preoccupation with their own problems and listen. Just a few minutes, maybe an hour. Long…

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Behind the window

I glanced out of the window and saw them sauntering by. The familiar faces chatting and laughing. The same people as usual trailing behind the group. I couldn’t hear their words, their voices lost in the impenetrable wall of sound that is a baby’s cry. Only one of their party was missing. Left out not through malice, but by choice. Because now, she sits behind the window. Watching life go on around her, as if nothing had ever changed. The changes you don’t expect I suppose I never thought of it before having children. I knew things would change, of course I did.…

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To the lonely parent – you’re not alone

The girl in the corner in her late teens glares over her tea at the family at the large table chatting and laughing together. On the other side of the room, an old man smiles sadly at the same sight. Each of them casts judgement upon the family, wishing themselves into the parents’ shoes. “That will be me one day.” Thinks the girl. “I’ll meet someone, get married and have children. And this loneliness that hangs over me will be a thing of the past.” She can’t help but feel jealous watching the mum. Sure, she’s got her hands full. The…

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