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Modius Health Headset review part 2 [ad]

For the past six weeks, I’ve been testing out the Modius Health headset. This device is designed to use neuroscience to help make weight loss a little bit easier. This is my second post about the device, you can read my introduction to Modius here. Whilst I haven’t been using Modius for very long, using it for an hour a day has quickly and easily slotted into daily life. This update is to tell you how I’m finding it, how easy it is to find time to use the device as a busy parent, and whether it has yet had…

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[ad] Trying a new approach to weight loss with Modius

It can become a little frustrating hearing experts saying that weight loss is easy. Eat a little less, move a little more. What could be more simple than that? But what if that does’t work for you? What if you already run and swim several times a week, eat a predominantly healthy diet and still struggle to shift the extra pounds? What if eating healthy all week gives way to a binge at the weekend, undoing all your hard work? I’m trying out the innovative Modius Health headset to see if it can help make weight loss just a little…

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