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[ad] Trying a new approach to weight loss with Modius

It can become a little frustrating hearing experts saying that weight loss is easy. Eat a little less, move a little more. What could be more simple than that? But what if that does’t work for you? What if you already run and swim several times a week, eat a predominantly healthy diet and still struggle to shift the extra pounds? What if eating healthy all week gives way to a binge at the weekend, undoing all your hard work? I’m trying out the innovative Modius Health headset to see if it can help make weight loss just a little bit easier. If you’re interested in how I’m getting on, please also check out my Modius Health review part two.

What is Modius?

Modius is a revolutionary headset that uses neuroscience to make the process of losing weight a little easier. The problem with dieting is that reducing your calories actually causes neurological changes that make you more likely to think about food. These changes make food taste better, and make you release a hormone called dopamine when you eat. Dopamine is the same hormone released by drug addicts when using drugs. In the meantime, levels of another hormone called leptin decrease. This is the hormone that makes you feel full, so when you’re on a diet you’d actually need to eat more to feel full. Other factors at play when dieting can include cravings due to lack of sleep, stress, genetics, medication, lifestyle, disabilities and a plethora of other things.

The Modius headset was developed by Dr Jason McKeown. It uses neuroscience technology to counteract that process by reducing appetite and cravings. The headset stimulates the vestibular nerve, which influences both the hypothalamus and the brain stem. This in turn reduces both appetite and food cravings. People often crave more carbs when trying to lose weight. Modius targets those cravings, making it easier to lose weight.

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Appetite is also regulated by the hypothalamus, which uses feedback from particular hormones to control appetite. However, as bodyweight decreases, so appetite increases. Modius prevents this from happening. It also influences the brain stem, which controls fullness and portion size, letting you know when you are full. When losing weight, the brain stem can cause you to overeat as you never quite feel full. Modius helps you to feel full and satisfied more quickly to prevent overeating.

Why use Modius?

On their website, Modius say that it is suitable for anyone actively trying to lose weight who struggles due to their cravings and appetite. It’s for people who are looking at long term weight loss and want to break through a plateau. For me, the plateau is the main problem I face. I’ve lost weight both naturally and by using a weight loss product in the past. I’ve put a bit back on, lost a bit again and now I tend to stagnate around the same weight. 

At the moment whilst I’m still keen to lose weight, I know a weight loss product or restrictive diet wouldn’t work for me. Every week, I do a long run of 10 plus miles and three to four shorter runs. I usually swim once in the pool and once in the river as well. I want to start building in some sort of bodyweight training because I know it will do me good from a health point of view. Whilst my running distances will decrease slightly after the end of April when I’ve done the London Marathon, I can’t see my overall activity levels decreasing much. And the problem I have is that a long run or cold water swim makes me incredibly hungry. 

dog activity trail in Cannock Chase Forest Staffordshire West Midlands

So, Modius seems like an ideal solution for me. I’m hoping to decrease my food cravings without reducing the amount of exercise I do. I like the idea that I won’t be constantly thinking about the fact I’m trying to lose weight. The headset seems easy to fit into my lifestyle too. You use it for 45 minutes to an hour every day, preferably in the evening. This is the time when I tend to sit down to either watch television or read for a while anyway. So, wearing the headset shouldn’t be a hardship. I’m looking forward to trying it out and I’ll update you on my progress in another blog post in six weeks time.

Modius discount

If you’d like to try out the fascinating Modius technology, use this link to their website to find out more and a 15% discount will automatically be applied if you purchase the headset. You will also see some of the incredible success stories from Modius users. I’m trying out the headset for 90 days. Modius offer a 90 day guarantee, so if you decide to try it too and you don’t like it, you can receive a full refund if you return it within 90 days of purchase. 

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  1. I will be interested to read how you get on. My husband is a classic yo-yo dieter and this could help him. He is very good at losing weight, but struggles to get the balance right once he’s lost it and it soon starts going back on again!

  2. It jus goes to show how hard weight loss can be, when you’re doing SO much exercise!! I know that muscle weighs heavier than fat but you’d think — training for a marathon — would make a huge difference to your body image. I’m so excited to see if this works for us all Natalie!

    PS GOOD LUCK for Sunday!! I hope all your training pays off and you finish in the time you want!! 🙂

    1. Thank you! Yep, it’s really tough to balance the training and eating right for weight loss. I am hoping to just get round the marathon, not too worried about time. I just want to enjoy it.