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Look out monochrome colour is fighting back

This is a collaborative post. For what seems like an eternity, trendy interiors have been rocking the monochrome look. White walls. Black and white tiled floors. Inkwell prints. Even the soft furnishings have been black and white. At last count, #monochrome had been tagged #11,278,092 times on Instagram. And I for one have had enough of it. Mercifully, it seems some interior companies feel the same. Embracing colour In our home, we’ve never fully embraced interior trends. Let’s face it, I’m a work from home mum. It’s never going to be a show home. We do have monochrome in the bathroom and…

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Rocket Gardens – Review

Last week, we were lucky enough to be sent a Large Vegetable Garden (Autumn Winter) to review from Rocket Gardens. The idea behind Rocket Gardens is that they take the hassle out of growing your own food. They do the tricky bit for you – growing the plants from seed into a small seedling that is ready to go straight into the ground. When our large vegetable garden arrived, it consisted of hundreds of tiny plants. They each had their own little bit of compost but they weren’t in pots. Instead, they were all packed into a cardboard box full…

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