The dog, the bleach and the spray mop

The dog, the bleach and the spray mop

I knew my husband was worried as soon as the vet answered the phone.

“Hello, out of hours vet, how can I help?”

“I think my dog’s drank bleach!”

It wasn’t long after my husband had bleached the kitchen floor that the dog started to vomit. It was like something out of the exorcist. Even the dog thought she was dying.

Cleaning hard floors safely

When you’ve got both children and dogs, it’s really important to keep floors clean. The last thing I’d want is the children getting ill because of the dogs. But floor cleaner is such a nasty substance, I’m equally worried about any of the children or pets ingesting that.

Mercifully, the dog hadn’t actually drank bleach. The bone she’d eaten hadn’t agreed with her and as it turned out, she was fine. The incident was several years ago but it has made me very aware of harmful substances such as those used to clean the floor. The natural solution is to use a spray floor mop with a microfibre pad.

The dog, the bleach and the spray mop

Wiz Mops – Mop Kit

The Wiz Mop is a 2 in 1 floor mop and window cleaner. You spray the floor with the cleaner and immediately wipe it off with the microfibre pad. If you prefer, you can just use water and essential oil or lemon juice. For me, this offers much greater peace of mind than using a bucket and bleach.

The mop is very easy to put together, with a two-piece handle that attaches to the head. The top of the handle has a trigger to operate the spray. The bottom of the handle has a bottle attached, which is where you pour the cleaning solution.

The dog, the bleach and the spray mop

The mop comes with two microfibre pads. You can attach and remove these incredibly easily, they just push on and off. You can then wash them in the washing machine and re-use each one up to 100 times. Microfibre is apparently used for cleaning in hospitals due to its ability to thoroughly remove germs.

The dog, the bleach and the spray mop

As well as the floor-cleaning head, the box contains a window-cleaning attachment. This has a smaller head for wiping the window, and a rubber blade to remove excess water. You can still use the spray bottle when cleaning the windows, which makes the whole process a lot easier.

The dog, the bleach and the spray mop

The verdict

Mopping the floor was incredibly quick and easy using the spray mop. I didn’t need to fill up a bucket or risk anybody walking on the floor before it dried. The microfibre pad dries the floor as it cleans, so it can be walked on straight away. I only used a tiny amount of bleach, diluted with mostly water. The floor ended up just as clean as it would have done if I’d used a bucket and mop.

The dog, the bleach and the spray mop

The window cleaning attachment is a great idea. I just filled the bottle, sprayed a small amount and wiped it with the cloth, followed by the blade to remove water. I did find that there were a few streaks on the window from the excess water, but I think this is just because the cloth and the blade are quite close together and I struggled to use it correctly. I’m sure that once I get used to using it this won’t happen.

The spray mop is compact, easy to use and safe. It has definitely made floor cleaning quicker and easier in my house.

The mop is available to purchase on Amazon. For a 15% discount, enter code 15OFFWIZ at the checkout.

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  1. It looks great! A very efficient mop that has some great ideas, love that you don’t need to buy a pre-filled bottle of cleaning fluid to attach and can fill it with your own solution. 🙂

  2. Wow, this does sound very good! I hate mopping the floor, but this sounds like it makes it less of a hassle – and is safe and just as clean too!
    Your dog story is one of my main objections to having a dog! My son keeps asking for one and I’d love to take it for a walk and I’d like the companionship, but vomiting?! No thank you!

    1. Haha yep fair point! They are worth it really though, I wouldn’t run at all if it wasn’t for the dogs and sometimes they’re the only thing that gets me out of the house.