Two red Lapland Letters envelopes

Lapland Letters: Review and win [AD]

[AD] Contains gifted products

There is nothing more magical than sharing the run up to Christmas with children who truly believe. Why not make December even more special this year with a letter from Santa? We have been sent some gorgeous Lapland Letters from Santa to review. I have opened them for a sneak preview but the girls won’t be getting their hands on them until next month. I know they are going to absolutely love them!

Lapland Letters bundle displayed flat including Santa Stop Here poster, map, letter and other items
Magical Letter Bundle Prize

About Lapland Letters

Every year, Lapland Letters create a series of personalised letters from Santa. These authentic, magical letters will be delivered to you direct from Lapland. Ten new letters are available in 2021, as well as a personal invitation for the recipient to join the Lapland Elf Club.

Deep inside the Arctic Circle in northernmost Finland, Santa and his elves are preparing for Christmas. In their workshop, the elves design, make, sort and wrap presents. Meanwhile, Santa is sitting at his desk writing letters to children around the world who have made it to the good list this year.

Good Child List Certificate for Libby
Good Child List Certificate

Lapland letters give you access directly to Santa’s workshop. Each letter is signed by Santa and arrives in a bright red envelope with a Lapland postmark. Letters are personalised with the child’s name, age, address and the town where Santa will visit them. It mention’s the name of their best friend, the gift they would like to receive and can be signed by either Santa or Father Christmas.

To make the note even more unique, every note bears a P.S. that you can write yourself. This might highlight a milestone, achievement or memory from 2021. Letters are rewritten every year so even if your children have received one before, this year’s will be new and different.

Letter from Santa addressed to Libby displayed with other Lapland Letters papers
Lapland Letter


There are 10 Lapland Letters to choose from and each one contains a free Secret Santa map. You can also buy a Santa bumper activity pack to be delivered with your letter. This includes a 2021 Good Child certificate, a Santa Treat Sheet and a Countdown to Christmas. You’ll also find a door hanger and Christmas card to colour in, a postcard, a Santa Stop Here poster and an Elf Club poster and invitation in the pack.

The ten Lapland Letters are:

  • Christmas is nearly here
  • Merry McScout the Travelling Elf
  • Santa’s Good List
  • Rudolph’s Test Flight
  • Another Strange Year
  • Don’t stop believing (for an older child)
  • The Magic of Christmas
  • Baking Magic with Mrs Claus
  • First Year at School
  • Baby’s First Christmas
Santa's Secret Map
Santa’s Secret Map

In addition to the letters themselves, Lapland Letters offer several extras. These can be ordered from the website as an extra special treat.

  • Personalised ‘Good Child’ Chocolate Bar
  • Magical Reindeer Food
  • Santa’s Magical Wishing Stars
  • Magical Santa Key
  • Mrs Claus Cookie Mix
  • Personalised Christmas Box
Magic Reindeer Food
Magic Reindeer Food

Win your own Lapland Letters bundle

If you like the idea of Lapland Letters, why not enter the giveaway to win a fantastic Magical Letter Bundle? One family will win a magical Christmas delivery for each of up to five children. Every child will receive their own big bundle of exciting Christmas activities, a personalised letter and certificate from Santa, plus an invitation to join the Lapland Elf Club. All delivered in a beautiful, bright red envelope complete with Lapland post mark! 

Two red Lapland Letters envelopes
Lapland Letters red envelopes

The package includes:

  • Personalised letter and Santa’s secret map
  • Santa’s bumper activity pack
  • Personalised Good Child List certificate and Elf Club invitation
  • Christmas countdown and Santa treat board
  • Santa Stop Here poster and Elf Club rules
  • Santa thank you postcard
Colour in Christmas Card
Colour in Christmas Card – included in the magic letters bundle

If your family would appreciate a little extra magic this Christmas, you can enter using the Rafflecopter below. The prize will be provided and sent by Lapland Letters. Please read my competition terms and conditions before entering. The giveaway will end on 5th December 2021. Prizes will be dispatched no later than Friday 17th December, to ensure delivery before Christmas Eve. If you’d like to read another review of Lapland Letters, head to What the Redhead Said.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

[AD] Contains gifted products

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