Christmas gift for a runner - mug with the words "I run because punching people is frowned upon" with gift box and chocolates

What to put in a virtual run goodie bag

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Since the dreaded pandemic kicked in, lots more people have been taking part in virtual runs. These are a brilliant option, especially when the race you’re training for is postponed. But the one thing you miss out on is the goodie bag. So, if you know a runner who is due to take part in a virtual run and you’d like to treat them to a virtual run goodie bag for Christmas, here are a few suggestions of what to put in it.

Put your virtual run goodie bag into a foldable Lazy Bear Backpack

If you’re making a virtual run goodie bag, you’ll need a bag to put it in. This Lazy Bear foldable backpack from TrendHim is ideal. When not in use, the interior pocket acts as a small bag and the rucksack completely folds up into it. I love the Lazy Bear brand and have found their products to be durable and practical. The rucksack does crease a bit when packed into the pocket, but that will soon pad out when it’s filled up.

Lemont Green Foldable Backpack Folded up into small pocket
Foldable backpack folded up
Virtual run goodie bag in Green Foldable Backpack
Lazy Bear Foldable Backpack

Agua de Madre Water Kefir, Remedio Naturale and Culture Shot

Agua de Madre vegan water kefir has the same amount of live cultures as most milk kefir. It is a superfood that promotes a healthy gut as well as being a delicious low alcohol drink that is naturally sparkling and low in sugar. To make it, live culture is added to organic fruit and ginger to create naturally probiotic water kefir. It contains a trace of alcohol, up to 1.2%. Water kefir is regarded as one of the best sources of dietary probiotic. This is something to add to your virtual run goodie bag at the last minute so the runner can enjoy it chilled after their race.

Additionally, Agua de Madre make Remedio Naturale as a sustainable, eco-friendly by-product of the fermentation of the Water Kefir. A teaspoon of it mixed with hot water makes a cosy, soothing drink. The new Agua de Madre Ginger and Tumeric Culture Shot is another gut-friendly drink. It contains kefir water, ginger, turmeric, lemon and black pepper and packs a lovely flavour punch.

Agua de Madre – Water Kefir
Agua de Madre – Water Kefir

Printster mug for runners

Any runner who is honest with themselves can relate to the message on this hilarious mug from Printster. “I run because punching people is frowned upon.” The mug can be filled with chocolates or fudge in a gift box. Printster make a variety of personalised items including photo printed gifts and other mugs for runners, so it’s worth a look at their website. You can also enter a giveaway to win a £50 voucher to spend on the Printster website over on my Four Gift Rule Christmas Gift Guide.

Christmas gift for a runner - mug with the words "I run because punching people is frowned upon" with gift box and chocolates
I run because punching people is frowned upon

Give the gift of a good night’s sleep in your virtual run goodie bag

Bach Rescue understands that it can be difficult to get a good night’s sleep after a busy day when your mind is still active. Their selection of sleep products can help you switch off. Bach Rescue Dream Balm is designed to naturally relax the muscles, soothe the mind and release tension. The Bach Rescue Peaceful Night Duo contains a capsule to help you prepare for a restful night and a spray to help you relax and settle into sleep if you are disturbed during the night. They work together to make sure you feel refreshed by the morning and ready for the day. Any runner will appreciate this in their virtual run goodie bag, it can be really tough to wind down after a race but they will need a good night’s sleep.

Bach Rescue Dream Balm and Peaceful Night Duo
Bach Rescue Dream Balm and Peaceful Night Duo

Arnicare Cooling Gel in a virtual run goodie bag to soothe legs and feet

Arnicare cooling gel is a fantastic addition to a post-run goodie bag. When you’ve pushed yourself to the limit, rubbing this on will cool and revitalise the legs and feet. It offers relief for aching bodies, ideal for after a long run to aid pain relief and recovery. It contains grapefruit, arnica and menthol to soothe the skin and is non-greasy and safe for the whole family.

Arnicare cooling gel on a festive background ready to go in a virtual run goodie bag
Arnicare cooling gel

Spatone Iron Rich Water

When I ran the Brighton Marathon, one of the things in the pre-race goodie bag was a sachet of Spatone. Why not add it to your virtual run goodie bag as well? This iron-rich water is vegan and ideal for athletes. It allows you to naturally absorb iron in a convenient format. The apple sachets are easy to take without having to add juice because they already taste good. The water, sourced in Snowdonia, naturally contains high levels of iron. I have used it several times over the years when my iron levels have been low and it gives a welcome energy boost as well as being beneficial to the immune system.

Gifts for runners: Spatone iron rich water sachets ready to go in a virtual run goodie bag
Spatone Iron Rich Water

Weleda Arnica Sports Shower Gel

Let’s be honest, after any race the one thing we all need is a shower. Pop some Arnica Sports Shower Gel into your virtual run gift bag to sooth aching muscles. Its anti-inflammatory properties plus a scent of rosemary and lavender offer a much needed energy hit after a workout. It’s ideal for after a long run when you need to grab a shower and carry on with your day without dwelling on the aches and pains!

Weleda Arnica Shower Gel for a virtual run goodie bag
Weleda Arnica Shower Gel

Sun Chorella Food Supplement Tablets

Sun Chlorella tablets are a natural food supplement made from Chlorella, a freshwater, single-celled green algae. It contains all nine essential amino acids as well as many vitamins and minerals that boost the immune system, digestive health and wellbeing. It contains exceptionally high levels of Vitamin D as well as B12 and iron. Studies suggest that Sun Chlorella could boost athletic performance. So, if you are looking for a gift for a runner who is ready to take their sport to the next level, this could be just what they need.

Gifts for runners: Sun chorella food supplement tablets
Sun chlorella food supplement tablets

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