Octonauts Octo Glow Explorers at Sea Life Birmingham

Octonauts Octo Glow Explorers at Sea Life Birmingham

Earlier this week, the girls and I headed to the National Sea Life Centre, Birmingham to check out their Octo-Glow Explorers event. We are delighted to be blogger ambassadors for Sea Life Birmingham this year. We’ll be heading there regularly to review all the latest events.

Octonauts Octo Glow Explorers at Sea Life Birmingham

Relaxing at the Sea Life Centre

Whenever we head to the National Sea Life Centre, my reviews focus around the children. But I thought it was worth putting together a quick video to show you how relaxing it is for everyone.

Interactive sea life

I’m a big fan of interactive learning. Libby in particular is always keen to get stuck in with any hands-on activities at the National Sea Life Centre. This week, she was particularly delighted at being able to touch both shark and ray eggs.

Octonauts Octo Glow Explorers at Sea Life Birmingham

There is always the opportunity to go through tunnels, touch creatures, listen to talks and watch penguins being fed. This time, there was a particularly exciting moment when they were able to catch a glimpse of the baby penguin. Both girls knew that the fluffy one was the baby. That was despite the best efforts of the little penguin on the left hand side of this photo, who seemed to be playing up to the crowd. He managed to get everybody’s attention despite the presence of the baby!

Octonauts Octo Glow Explorers at Sea Life Birmingham

The Octopus Hideout

The octopus hideout is a new exhibit, where visitors can get up close to these intelligent creatures. The octopus is known for being a master of disguise and when we visited the disguise was going well, we couldn’t see Beverley the giant pacific octopus anywhere! Luckily, we were all happy with seeing the fabulous colour-changing cuttlefish instead.

Octonauts Octo Glow Explorers at Sea Life Birmingham

The Octo-Glow Explorers event

The Octonauts are quite regular visitors to the Sea Life Centre. This time, they’ve arrived to teach children how deep-sea creatures use light to hide from predators, attract prey and communicate. Children can head into Shellington’s Octo-Glow Lab to do some simple experiments. Each experiment has a focus on light. I thought this was a fascinating exhibit. The children learnt lots of science facts during their time in the lab.

Octonauts Octo Glow Explorers at Sea Life Birmingham

Tasks varied from shining a light onto coral to see the effect of algae, to using Morse code to communicate a message. Children were given a sticker for completing each task, and were able to exchange a completed sticker book for a pop badge at the end. There was also a meet and greet with Peso at the, which my girls were delighted about!

Octonauts Octo Glow Explorers at Sea Life Birmingham

National Sea Life Centre, Birmingham, West Midlands. If you are looking for a day out in the West Midlands for children of any age, the National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham would be a great option, particularly for a rainy day. There are fish, penguins and otters and you can watch a film in the 4D cinema. Families will all find something they enjoy from walking through the huge ocean tunnel to touching star fish in the hands on rock pool area. My kids love it every time we go despite going several times a year.

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  1. It looks amazing! I love those kind of labs for the kids to, it always gets them engaged and wanting to learn more. The giant dress up characters freak my kids out though! Looks like you managed to see quite a lot in the end! x

  2. This looks such a great day out. I love the Octonauts and am sad that Ollie has replaced them in his list of favourites with older kids shows such as The Deep. I’m glad the girls had a lovely time xxx