Two children meeting Mrs Claus at the Magical Christmas Adventure

Magical Christmas Adventure at 4 Kingdoms Adventure & Farm Park: Review

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This weekend was the press launch of The Magical Christmas Adventure at 4 Kingdoms Adventure & Farm Park. Leona from Wandermust family travel blog kindly agreed to attend and review the event for Plutonium Sox. This is the 11th year that the 4 Kingdoms have been running their Christmas event. But was it worth the hype that Leona and family had read so much about? 

About The Magical Christmas Adventure at 4 Kingdoms Adventure & Farm Park

The Magical Christmas Adventure is an immersive physical and digital journey. Visitors start their journey at a departures gate before being whisked on a sleigh journey to the North Pole. On arrival, the North Pole team are preparing for Santa’s Annual New Toy Awards (the SANTA’s). 

When you arrive in the North Pole, you first need to go through Sleigh Traffic Control. Next, it’s time to join a dance party with an Elf band at the Glacier and meet a talking bear in an ice cave. Visitors can then have an amazing snow ball fight with Santa’s daughter Charlotte and an ex-snowman called Carrot.  

Now some adults may not enjoy some of the theatrical interactive performances. Especially when picked on to become part of the show! But there is no denying the engagement and enjoyment for children. Both my toddler and 7 year old got completely lost in the magic of the event and have already asked if we can return. 

But in some ways the event is really a game of two halves. The first is a two hour interactive adventure that kids will adore, before you finally arrive to meet Santa. And this is the part for me that really won the day. 

Actors dressed as an elf and another character at Magical Christmas Adventure at 4 Kingdoms Adventure & Farm Park

Meeting Santa

During the second half of the event, it was time to meet Santa. We were taken by an Elf into Santa’s grotto, to meet the best Santa I have ever met at any event. From the authentic fur lined robes, to the interaction with the children, I really can not fault any part of this experience. 

Very authentic Santa with two children at Magical Christmas Adventure at 4 Kingdoms Adventure & Farm Park

On our way out, Santa then gave us a special key to the unwrapped presents workshop. From there, each child could pick a present of their choosing. I loved this idea as rather than being a generic present that every child gets, your little one actually comes away with something they really want. My son went straight in for a roaring raptor. Meanwhile, my daughter debated between an archery kit and a tabletop pool table, before finally settling on some mermaid dolls. 

Choosing a gift from Santa in an unwrapped present workshop

Once you have seen Santa and selected your toy the journey is not over. Next you move onto the teddy bear workshop where you can stuff your own bear to take home. Here, you can also decorate Gingerbread men, and make reindeer food for Christmas Eve. Finally, it’s time for a meeting with Mrs Claus and a very fast train ride back to reality. 

Girl decorating a gingerbread man

We could have spent much longer than we did in this final area, but we were on a bit of a schedule. Despite this, we easily spent 3 hours at 4 Kingdoms and felt we rushed ourselves (not by the site) to get thorough the last sections. 

Is The Magical Christmas Adventure at 4 Kingdoms Adventure & Farm Park worth the money? 

There is no doubt that this is an expensive Christmas experience. However, we easily spent 3 hours at the site, and my children have already asked if we can go back next year which I think speaks volumes. 

My only comment would be that the experience is billed as an indoor event. However, we were there on the evening of the first night where the temperatures were below zero. And I can tell you, it felt seriously cold. Therefore if you are going with little ones, or even for yourselves, we recommend wearing thermals, thick coats and hat, scarf and gloves as it does feel chilly. 

But I think without a doubt we will be heading back to 4 Kingdoms for their next Christmas Adventure. To find out more about the Magical Christmas Adventure and book your slot, head to the 4 Kingdoms Adventure & Farm Park website.

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