Things to do in Pembrokeshire with a baby and a toddler

Last week, we had a lovely camping holiday in Pembrokeshire. I always find it difficult to know quite what to do with the girls when we’re somewhere different, so I’m writing this in the hope that it might help someone else who pays a visit to the area with babies or young children.

We stayed at a campsite in Manorbier, a ten minute walk from the beach. At Libby’s pace it was more of a 20  minute walk though, and if we’d had a buggy we’d have had no chance! The walk was through a beautiful wood and avoided the roads, but it was down some really big steps and a tricky hill. Perfect for us walking the dogs and Libby and carrying Lia, but the thought of dragging a buggy down there makes me shudder. Its safe to say though that for us, arriving at the beach to views like this made it all worthwhile.

The weather was incredibly kind to us, so we didn’t need to check out the bad-weather options. Hubby took Libby on the boat from Tenby over to Caldey Island which they really enjoyed, but I stayed with Lia and the dogs and did some walking around the coastal path instead. As it turned out, there were dogs on the boat and we could have gone, but it’s always a bit hard work with two dogs, a baby and a toddler so I enjoyed a day of walking and sunbathing.

Since going to Drayton Manor a couple of weeks ago, Libby has been raving about going on the rides, so we thought it was only fair to take her to Oakwood Theme Park while we were in Pembrokeshire. What I loved about Oakwood, was that there were some fairly exciting rides that Libby was able to go on. This included the treetops roller coaster, which was really quite quick and I was surprised how much Libby enjoyed it, she went on three times!

There were also some great water slides, a log flume and some flying rides in the Peter Pan section that Libby loved.

For Lia, things weren’t quite so exciting. The thing I loved about Drayton Manor is that they let me take Lia on everything that Libby could go on. It was perfectly safe to do so, she enjoyed it and it meant that I was able to enjoy the day as well rather than being a spectator. Whilst I wouldn’t expect Lia to be allowed to go on things like the roller coaster, I would have expected her to be able to go on some of the more tame rides. As it was, it didn’t matter to Lia, but we definitely won’t be going next year because she’ll be old enough to want to go on them, but you had to be at least two years old to go on virtually everything so she’ll miss out. That said, she did enjoy the little indoor play area, particularly the ball pool.

We were lucky enough to be in Pembrokeshire when the Ironman Wales event was going on, so we passed a pleasant day cheering on the cyclists between dog walks and trips to the beach. I had massive sports envy that day, and I don’t mind saying publicly that I WILL be doing an Ironman one day! I’m realistic enough to know that it won’t be until the kids are in school though so I have time to train. To everyone who completed Ironman Wales last week, massive congratulations.

We are home now after a lovely holiday and slowly getting back to normality. Jamer cat is delighted to see us, and plans are afoot for her to have her own blog, so watch this space!

N.B. This post is NOT sponsored or promoted in any way, just a review that I hoped might help other people visiting the area.

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