Our Thursday Photo #52

Well here it is, Thursday photo #52. That’s a whole year of photos. Lia will be celebrating her first birthday on Sunday. 

This week has sadly been a bit of a rubbish one, today is the first day that Lia has been back to her normal self after being really quite poorly over the weekend. 

Libby now has the bug, but she does seem to have a much milder dose than Lia had. This made me think it was probably flu, because Libby had the flu jab whereas Lia didn’t (it wasn’t offered to her age group). 

Mercifully, Lia is almost back to normal and Libby is certainly on the mend. 

Libby had a fabulous weekend. She went with my husband to a folk festival and to the fun day at Avoncroft Museum. The last time my husband went there was when we got married. 

I had been really looking forward to going with them and Lia would have loved it. We will definitely be going next year to enjoy it as a family. 

For me, life has been busy as usual, if not slightly busier. As you may have noticed from my post about my palm oil free marketplace, this is now in progress. 

It’s actually all going rather quicker than anticipated, I hadn’t intended to get started until the middle of this month and I already have a draft website and people interested in both buying and selling from it. 

Despite this, I still have my freelancing contracts and my blog to keep up with, and the girls aren’t getting any less demanding. 

Lia has learnt to say a new word this week. Strangely, her word of the moment is “cheers”.  Libby has always enjoyed holding up her drink and saying cheers at the table, and Lia has taken this on.

She now spends most mealtimes holding her cup up to anybody who will look at her and saying “cheers” in her own inimitable way, complete with cheeky grin. 

Which is brings me on rather neatly to how much has changed in the past 12 months.

I intend to create a photo book with all of our photos for the year, and I fully intend to continue photographing the girls every week as time goes on. 

For now though, I will leave you with our Thursday photo #1 and our Thursday photo #52. How things have changed. 

Our Thursday Photo #1


2015-05-07 19.57.25-3

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