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9 ways to move more without making major changes

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As busy adults, we frequently hear the advice that we need to move more. Most of us know that this would benefit our health in immeasurable ways. And yet finding the time to do so is easier said than done. Here are a few tips you can use to move a little more if you don’t have time for sport and exercise.

Move more by exercising at your desk

It is an unfortunate truth that most of us who are struggling to move enough spend a lot of time at a desk. If you are unlikely to be able to step away from your computer screen anytime soon, why not make the most of the range of desk exercise equipment that is available? You might even find the light movement makes you more productive at work.

Walk or cycle on short journeys

If you’re popping to the shop or to see a local friend, think about cycling or walking. In addition to being beneficial to the environment, it’s a great way to stay active and explore your surroundings.

Take the stairs

Stair climbing is a great way to stay active and strengthen your cardiovascular system. It can also improve overall endurance and tone leg muscles, making it a great way to fit exercise into your daily schedule.

Roomzzz Manchester Corn Exchange staircase

Have walking meetings so you can all move more

Walking meetings are a great way for everyone to move more. They can also improve cognitive function, participation and collaboration, and break up the monotony of a conference room. Not to mention offering a change of scenery that can inspire and foster innovation.

Use an inflatable gym ball instead of a chair

Sitting on an inflatable exercise ball rather than a chair while working can improve posture, engage core muscles, and reduce back pain caused by extended sitting. Stabilising muscles are used when sitting on an exercise ball to maintain balance and good alignment, which can lead to increased strength and flexibility. It is important to alternate between the ball and a chair throughout the day to avoid discomfort or exhaustion.

Get a rescue dog – or volunteer to walk one

If you or someone in your household works from home, getting a rescue dog is the ultimate way to make sure you up your exercise. I run every day with my dogs. Even when I don’t want to, they remind me that it’s important. Getting a dog is a huge commitment and it’s not for everybody. If you can’t commit to owning one, an alternative is to make a regular commitment to walk the dogs at your local shelter. Another way to help rescue dogs is to buy something from their Amazon wishlist.

dog leaping across a beach showing that taking a rescue dog to a beach helps humans to move more and rescue dogs to be happy

Park further away to move more every day

Parking further away from where you’re going might encourage you to move more and burn a few extra calories. Walking is a fantastic cardiovascular activity that also has mood-enhancing effects. The bonus benefit is that you’ll probably save money on parking, especially in town. Why not research free or cheap parking a few minutes’ walk from where you need to go?

Play an active game with the kids

Spending family time playing games with the kids can increase your heart rate and fitness. Games such as tag, rounders and hide-and-seek all help to add physical activity to your daily routine.

Use resistance bands while you watch TV

My eldest daughter has recently started strength training to go on pointe in ballet. Part of the training is to do strength exercises with resistance bands. When we needed to buy a band for her, it was easier to get a pack of three rather than just one, but she was never going to use the heavier one. So, I have commandeered it to put on a coffee table in the lounge. Now, when we first sit down to watch television in the evenings, I do a ten-minute workout with the resistance bands. Whilst I have always done cardiovascular exercise, resistance training is something I haven’t really taken to. Being able to fit it in without having to search for a time to do it has been really beneficial.

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  1. What great ideas. We are looking at getting standing desks so we aren’t just sat down whilst working. Will suggest walking meetings to my husband – they’d be great for mental health too as they could be outside when the weather is nice.