A holiday to the snow when skiing is off the agenda

Two and a half years ago, our lives changed in the blink of an eye. My husband has still not recovered from the accident he had on that fateful day. Our lives revolve around the big things that have changed. The activities we can no longer do together and the financial strain we are still under. But sometimes, we stop and think about the little things that our girls will miss out on.

Winter holidays

We’ve always been relatively optimistic that my husband will ski again. But now, the girls are reaching the age where we would have taken them skiing. I had been looking forward to learning with them, while my husband whizzed down black runs. Reconvening at lunchtime to catch up over a hot drink and some tasty food.

And as the years pass, it’s looking less likely. So, winter holidays have been put on the back burner. But this Winter, social media has been full of photos of snowy slopes, log fires and outdoor fun. All the things we love. So, I’ve started to research the experiences we could have on a Winter holiday if skiing was off the agenda.

Inuit camp and snowmotos

I’ve always been keen on teaching the girls about the culture of the places we visit. And what better opportunity than a Winter holiday to teach them about the way different people live. In Avoriaz, you can head to an Inuit camp to explore an igloo, take a dog sledding trip and enjoy hot drinks with family and friends.

But it’s not all low-tech fun in Avoiraz. It’s also a great place to try out an electric snowmoto. There’s a special course set out for 5 to 12 year olds, where they can race around on these fantastic little electric sledges. I love that this is an exciting activity specifically aimed at quite young children. It allows them the independence of driving their own little vehicle. We’ll have to wait until Lia is five to do this because she would hate to miss out!

Air boarding

Did you ever watch Back to the Future and wish you could have a hover board? Of course you did. If you head to Les Arcs 1950, you’ll be able to experience the next best thing. The next generation of sledges are used to whizz down mountains, defying gravity as the air board hovers just above the ground. This activity is suitable for everyone aged six and over and children will be required to wear a helmet.

E-fat biking

The one activity we do all manage to take part in as a family these days is cycling. I’d never thought of this as something to do in snowy climes, but in Val-Thorens, you can do just that. They provide electric bikes with fat tyres for a little extra help on those snowy mountains! This is an activity that is available from 15 years and upwards. So it’s a little while before we’ll be taking part but it’s great to know that it’s an option.

Make my day

Pierre et Vacances want us all to enjoy more activities on Winter holidays. That’s why they’re running their ‘make my day’ campaign, so every day can offer a new experience. Head over to their website to hear about all the other activities available at their resorts. Head to the Monkey and Mouse blog to find more Winter Snow Holidays for Non-Skiers.

Winter activities | If you are going on a Winter snow family holiday but you don't want to ski or snowboard, what are the alternatives? All these Winter activities can be enjoyed by adults and children (some age limits apply). You can still have a fun family Winter holiday in the mountains even if you don't want to ski! #familytravel #Winterfun #winteractivities #outdoorfun

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  1. Hi Nat, I’ve only ever thought about skiing in a snowy destination, but it just goes to show how wrong I am. The electric snow moto and air boarding looks like fun. Now biking in the snow is something I would never have imagined, those tyres would have to have snow chains on too before I’d be safe on one!


  2. Fab post. As I sit here typing with frozen fingers, I think a post about finding somewhere warm to hide for the remainder of the winter would be more up my street, but these ideas look like something Matt and the kids would love 🙂 I’ve got everything crossed for you that Phil continues on the mend and surprises you with an epic comeback to the slopes. In the meantime, I’ve been eyeing up tobogganing at the indoor snow place in Milton Keynes. I could just watch the snow through a large pane of glass while knocking back lattes.

    1. Oh gosh, tobogganing sounds great fun, if you decide to take the boys I’d come down with the girls for the day – I’ll be on the slopes with them all though, no way I’d watch while they had all the fun!