Thursday photo #196

This week has been a source of some trepidation since realising how it was going to pan out. Not only is my husband away, but I had to take both girls to London on my own too. Whilst we were all looking forward to it, I couldn’t help thinking it was a big deal.

A new experience

On Tuesday, the girls and I filmed a video for the Vitality Healthy Kids campaign. I’ve done an on-location shoot with a film crew before, and I’ve recorded videos at home with the children. But this is the first time I’ve worked with them on camera in this capacity. I really had no idea how it would go.

Sadly, it soon became clear that they were much more natural in front of the camera than me. Before I’d even finished having my makeup done, the film crew had changed the script. I had been expecting to introduce the girls, but I’d been totally outdone and they ended up introducing me instead.

The day continued along these lines, with the girls taking the whole thing in their stride. They are already asking when they can do it again.

Two extremes

I’ve always maintained that much as I love London, it wouldn’t be somewhere I would live. I love the hustle and bustle, the sense of purpose and the fact that there are so many exciting things to do. But every time I go, I find myself craving the fresh air and open spaces of home.

A trip to the city is always a great reminder to make the most of what we have here. I’m trying to get into the habit of getting onto the hills for a walk at least once a week, even in the Winter. During Summer, I run across the hills every week, but it’s always in the evenings. At this time of year, it’s easy to hide away somewhere warm instead.

But what I should really be doing is what I did on Wednesday. Putting the dogs in the car on the school run, dropping the girls off and getting straight up into the hills. The dusting of snow on top of them yesterday made the whole area even more beautiful.

Our Thursday photo #196

I was so proud of these two on Tuesday. They did everything that was asked of them, happily going through numerous takes. Chatting and singing to the camera as if they did it every day. I love this photo of them hard at work.

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  1. Well done to the girls! I had a similar experience with my eldest last year when we filmed a documentary. The crew expected me to talk about him, but he turned out to be a complete natural and the star of the whole documentary!

  2. I love that the girls are confident and willing to take on new experiences. Hopefully this will stand them in good stead for when they are older.

    Ahhhhh the hills. It’s so easy to take them for granted. When you can see them from your garden and they are “just there.” They are so pretty. Thanks for sharing x

    1. Thank you, they had such a brilliant time and I was really grateful that we could all have such a fab experience. And yep, the hills are still here trying to tempt you back to eat cake and drink coffee with me!

  3. Hi Nat, children are an endless source of surprises. It’s fantastic that they are such naturals in front of the camera, is it they age they are growing up in, I wonder?… You do live in a beautiful part of the world and who would blame you for not wanting to leave? The views are stunning, with the rolling hills and not a soul in sight. There is no way I would ever trade what you have on your doorstep for the City!


    1. Thank you Debbie, no I wouldn’t trade it either – although I’d be tempted by your part of the world!! Interesting point about the age they are growing up in, that could well be it!

  4. What little stars 🙂 Well done ladies xxx I miss the hills. It amazed me when we moved to Malvern when I was 14 how many local people I met had never been up them. Like here were we live in a coastal town where something shocking like a third of the children have never been to the seaside!

  5. Well done to the girls, what an exciting thing to take part in. I have to agree with you, I like to visit London (although not in my wheelchair, last time it was awful and I’ve not been back since,) but I love your views from home much better. I probably couldn’t manage your hills in my wheelchair either, but it’s still the place I’d rather be.

    1. Oh gosh I can imagine London would be hard going in a wheelchair. Actually there is a lovely wheelchair friendly route down to the reservoir on a nice tarmac path, it’s a beautiful place to go – much better than London!

  6. What fun! I’m not surprised they are ready to do all over again. What stars. I worked in London in my 20s, but was always glad to get back to the West country. I do think you are good to get into an outdoor routine and be in the hills. I’m more tempted by the hide away in the warmth, but I am starting to think I should be out. #keepingitreal