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Budget vs premium car tyres: All you need to know [AD]

This past fortnight has been a complete nightmare for us when it comes to vehicles. First, there was the car. Our main family car had an intermittent fault for months. Every time we took it to the garage though, the fault miraculously disappeared. When it was plugged into the diagnostics machine, nothing was wrong with it. The mechanic couldn’t replicate the fault. Then we’d get it back, and it would break down again. We eventually replaced it a fortnight ago, a week before we took our camper van to be refitted. I drove the van for two hours to the place that was due to do the refit. Twenty minutes before I arrived at the garage, the head gasket went. Sadly, we realised we’d be throwing good money after bad if we didn’t scrap it, so now we’re on the hunt for a new van.

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The advantages of the budget option

Our van wasn’t cheap, but it was just about within our budget. We didn’t overstretch ourselves when we bought it and it had low mileage and had been well looked after. For a few years, we were delighted with it. But now we can’t help wondering whether we should have stretched ourselves a bit more to get something more reliable. Buying anything is a lottery, but it is often the case that it’s sensible to pay a bit more if possible, with a view to the product lasting for longer.

When it comes to tyres, there are definite advantages of going for the budget option. Because ultimately, a tyre rarely goes at a good time when you can easily afford to replace it. And that’s where budget tyres come in. If you notice that you need new tyres, it is ALWAYS better to go for the budget option rather than put it off. If the tread on a tyre is reduced, its grip on the road is compromised. Braking distances increase and skidding becomes more likely, especially in wet or icy weather.

A bulge in the tyre, shaking or squeaking when you drive can also mean that tyres need replacing. Faults like this caused by wear and tear can make a blowout more likely. As someone who just a week ago was swerving my van off the road with vast plumes of smoke coming out of the exhaust, I can assure you that car related emergencies are no fun at all. And a blowout can be even more scary, because you risk losing control of the vehicle, particularly at high speeds. This is a danger to both yourself and other road users. So if budget tyres are your only option, replace those tyres without a second thought.

Why buy premium tyres

Much like our van dilemma, spending a little more can often save you money in the long run. Premium tyres are designed to comply with certain standards. They often perform better and last longer than budget tyres. They will be meticulously tested in both wet and dry conditions and will be graded according to their performance. However, the most expensive is not always best. It’s worth shopping around to find out which tyre best suits the sort of driving you do. Selecting the most appropriate type will lead to enhanced performance and longevity.

So when it comes to selecting the right ones for you, the main thing to remember is to buy good quality tyres within your budget. Shop tyres in Basingstoke online at Headley Tyres. They’ll be able to help you find the right tyre to suit both your needs and your budget.

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