A family dinner and the new menu at Cosy Club

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Before I tell you about our dinner, I have to declare a slight bias. When Cosy Club asked if we’d like to review their new menu, it was a few days after I’d eaten at their Manchester branch. We’d been there as a big group on my sister’s hen do and the food was incredible. So, I had already decided to take the family to the Worcester branch soon. And it was definitely the right decision.

Starters at Cosy Club

There aren’t many places where I would consider having a pre-starter. Let’s face it, I’m more of a dessert person. But when we were offered warm bread with olives and oils while we waited for our starters, I couldn’t say no. The girls are huge fans of olives too, so it kept them happy and quiet.


We then had the girls’ meals brought out along with our starters. As a starter, my husband went for the goat’s cheese and spinach croquettes with tomato tapenade. He was very impressed with it and (unusually) let me try it too. I did have a little bit of food envy for that one, it was pretty tasty.


I had the Mediterranean plate, which consisted of hummus, pomegranate, pickled cabbage, carrot tapenade, tomatoes, tzatziki and warm pitta bread. You can have both dishes either as a starter or one of a few tapas dishes as a main. I would also have had this as a light lunch, it was delicious and quite filling.


The children’s menu at Cosy Club

As a general rule, I am underwhelmed with children’s menus at restaurants. I do understand that people have to cater for the majority of children who just want to eat junk food when they’re out. But I like it when there are a couple of healthy options available and Cosy Club get the balance just right.

As well as pasta, fish, chicken and burgers, one of the options was a Mezze plate. Falafel balls, hummus, carrot tapenade, tzatziki, pickled cabbage, tomatoes and warm pitta bread. I was really pleased when both girls decided to go for this. Not everything on the plate was to their taste, but they tried some of everything and really enjoyed being able to sample different things.



As I’m still trying to eat healthily most of the time, I went for the new superfood bowl as my main. This was absolutely delicious, with a lovely coconut and coriander rice, edamame beans, avocado, hummus, watercress pesto, tomatoes, lemony kale, pickled cabbage, soy and ginger cucumber, toasted seeds, coriander and pomegranate with warm pitta bread.


With hindsight, I should have chosen differently because it was a little too similar to my starter. But I couldn’t resist the opportunity to try a healthy, filling salad and it was really tasty.

My husband had the steak with wild rocket and parmesan salad. He replaced the chips with sweet potato chips and didn’t offer to share those so they were obviously pretty good. He commented that the steak was cooked exactly as he’d asked for it, which apparently isn’t always the case when you have steak at a restaurant.


The verdict

Against my better judgement, we decided not to have puddings at Cosy Club. This was quite devastating because they looked incredible – the salted caramel cheesecake was calling to me. Unfortunately though, the girls were exhausted and it was the day before my sister’s wedding so we decided not to keep them up any longer.

Despite this, we had a brilliant evening. The service was second to none, the staff were incredibly friendly and looked after the girls so well. The children’s menus had colouring activities on them and there wasn’t a time when the girls didn’t have food or something to do in front of them.

Food arrived quickly despite being fresh, and the choice of drinks was great too. I’ve been to Cosy Club for cocktails in the past, but I was driving this time so went for a virgin passionfruit mojito mocktail. I would highly recommend it. All in all, we had an amazing evening at Cosy Club and will definitely be back soon. And next time, I’m definitely having a pudding.


AD – Press trip

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  1. Looks lovely! We’re always looking for somewhere that’s good for kids to eat and has more than chips beans and sausages on the children’s menu!

  2. The food looks amazing! I’m very impressed with your daughters’ choices. My daughter still has to have a kids’ meal as she has such a tiny appetite and always opts for ‘traditional’ kids’ food involving chips!
    I went to the Cheltenham branch of Cosy Club once. Having a look at this, I think I need to go back soon!