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Facing up to the future with Aviva

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Nearly three years ago, a split second decision by another driver changed our lives forever. Looking back, I don’t know how I got through the day, never mind the next few months. And when something like that happens, it changes your whole outlook on life.

Facing up to the inconvenient truth

It happened on a Tuesday. Libby had started a new dance class and my husband should have been home before us. When he wasn’t back, I assumed he’d been delayed at work or stopped at the shop. As time dragged on, I wondered whether there was an issue with the traffic, so I looked on Twitter.

The local newspaper had tweeted a link to an article about a “SERIOUS road traffic collision”. The road was closed and I could see from the photo they’d shared that there were police, ambulances and fire engines at the scene. And my husband’s motorbike was leant up against the hedge.

At that moment, I thought he was dead. I was overwhelmed with emotion. I’d tried phoning him and there was no answer, so all I could do was wait for somebody to tell me what had happened. Eventually, a friend of his who had attended as a fire officer phoned me. My husband had broken his leg, but he was alive.

The relief was palpable, but over the coming days and weeks I came to realise that it was much more than just a broken leg. In fact, the injury was so bad that it will be three years in September, and his leg is still broken.

Since that day, we’ve been forced to face up to reality. We might not both be there to see the girls grow up. Life is fragile, precious and transient. And we need to do all we can to protect the girls both now and in the future.

Protecting little ones with free life insurance

I don’t know how long it was between seeing the news on Twitter and receiving a phone call. It seemed like a lifetime. My response during that time was an emotional one. The practicalities of being a widow with two young children didn’t even cross my mind. Less still the financial side of things. The lost wage of the main breadwinner, how I’d pay the mortgage and keep a roof over our head.

Aviva understands that if the worst happens when you have young children, you don’t need to be worrying about money. They also appreciate that as a new parent, you have so much to think about that life insurance might not cross your mind. That’s why they’re giving all new parents £15,000 free life insurance so you can protect your family.

Better still, you don’t need to buy anything, promise to renew or even hand over your card details. Both mum and dad can claim £15,000 worth of cover per child under four. It starts as soon as you complete the simple application form, lasts for 12 months and won’t automatically renew. You can take the cover out any time between a child being born and their 4th birthday.

Should the worst happen during that 12 months, you’ll be paid a lump sum of £15,000 per child. You can use it for whatever you need at a time when money worries should be the last thing on your mind.

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  1. What a difficult experience for you, Nat. It must have been terrifying. Aviva’s policy sounds like a good one.

  2. Wow, the leg is still broken? I have to ask how that works? Anyway, life insurance is a must. Didn’t take it seriously enough myself at first but I certainly have it now!

  3. Hi Nat, you went thrugh the ill and then some and for your other halfs leg to still be broken it must have been more than nasty. Life insurance is good if you can afford it (it is pricey over here), but paying even a small ammount into a policy is better than nothing.


  4. Every time I read about what happened with your husband and how you found out, it still shocks me! I can’t believe his leg is till broken, that must be really hard. This is a brilliant offer, I will have to take a look while Holly is still young enough x