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Since she started preschool, I’ve been spending less time with Lia during the week. It has been great to have time to work and I have no idea how I fitted everything in before. That said, I do miss our days together, which is why Thursdays are somewhat sacred. We spend the whole day together. Seeing friends, going to soft play or just chilling out. And this week, we had an exciting trip to London for brunch.

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The Pomegreat #GreatFamilies Brunch

After getting up ridiculously early to get the train to London, Lia and I were more than ready for brunch when we arrived at the Highness play café. Luckily, a lovely spread had been laid out for us. For the children, there was a miniature soft play area and plenty of toys to play with. The continental breakfast was fabulous, with chocolate croissants, yoghurt and granola and a selection of fruit, cheeses and other snacks.

little girl in a pink jumper holding a pot of yoghurt and granola

The café is a lovely, family friendly environment. If it was local to me, it would be somewhere I’d consider working or meeting with friends. We had the back room, a nice open space where children could play and adults could chat and eat without losing sight of their offspring. Lia made the most of the opportunity to burn off some energy. She enjoys train journeys, but all the sitting down does get to her a little bit.

Sugar free Pomegreat

Our fabulous brunch was for the launch of no added sugar Pomegreat. This pomegranate juice drink contains no sugar. Instead, it is sweetened naturally and enhanced with vitamins A, C, D and E. We’ve always loved pomegreat, but it’s great to know that it is now even better for us.

At this time of year, children need vitamin D in supplement form to keep their bones strong and healthy and their immune system functioning normally. The British weather sadly doesn’t give us enough vitamin D during Autumn and Winter months – even if we spend loads of time outside. The last thing we need during cold and flu season is a deficiency that will prevent us from fighting off those nasty bugs.

In addition, Vitamin A helps maintain normal vision and immune function, vitamin C reduces tiredness and helps the immune system and vitamin E is an antioxidant.

We have tried two flavours of Pomegreat – original and pomegranate and blueberry. Both have been such a hit in our house that within two hours of us getting home from the event, we’d drank a litre of each. I’m so glad these drinks are healthy, we all needed a bit of a vitamin boost after the week we’ve had.

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  1. Lovely that you still get time together, despite Lia being at preschool. Love a Pomegreat! Great that there’s no added sugar and vitamin D is a fantastic bonus for a kids drink!

    1. Thank you! I really like it, it’s a nice way to get vitamins into them without worrying about forgetting to take something, they’re just there and they’re always asking for juice so it works for me.

  2. Hi Nat, it sounds like you are enjoying quality time with Lia. Who said you couldn’t mix work and play? There’s nothing wrong with getting a helping hand to boost those vitamin D levels, especially when you live in the UK. And if it tastes good even better.