Hiring a dream car

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If you could hire a famous car, which one would you go for? We’ve been chatting about it this week, and it seems that our car choices alter with age.

The children’s choice

I suppose I can’t be too disappointed with the girls’ choices. After all, they haven’t seen any of the classic films of the 80’s. But Libby decided that if she could drive any car she wanted from television, she would go for the Fat Controller’s car in Thomas the Tank Engine. She gave no other reason except that she likes it and she’d love to drive it. She has always been a Thomas the Tank Engine fan, so I wasn’t surprised.

Mid Hants Railway Watercress Line Day Out With Thomas

In her usual fashion, Lia put a bit more thought into her answer. Horrified though I am that Lia chose a car from Paw Patrol, I have to reluctantly admit that she has a point. She chose Skye’s car from Paw Patrol because it’s pink and it can fly. Having spent many hours sitting in traffic on the motorway on the way to Northumberland this week, I can see that a flying car would have its advantages.

The husband’s choice

Regular readers will know that it is most unlike me to allow my husband to express an opinion on my blog. But on this occasion, we did discuss it and I found his answer quite interesting. He decided that he would hire the Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo. After all, it is a camper van and that will be our next purchase when we buy another vehicle.

The ultimate dream car

Interesting though the discussion was around dream cars, my husband and daughters are quite clearly wrong. If I was to hire a movie car, I have no doubt in my mind whatsoever that the car I’d go for would be Kitt from Knight Rider.

So, why Kitt? Well, if you need the specification, Vertu Lease Cars have produced an awesome infographic about all the best cars of 80’s film and TV. I’ve read through them all, but none of them come close to matching Kitt.

Kitt stands for Knight Industries Two Thousand. It is a modified Pontiac Transam with a plate of armour that is impenetrable. It has turbo boosters and artificial intelligence. And of course, it was driven by Michael Knight, played by the Hoff.

Much as all the other stuff is a nice bonus, it’s the artificial intelligence I’m interested in. Kitt basically seemed to organise Knight’s life. And if I can have a car that also acts as a personal assistant, gets me out of scrapes and does the driving for me, I’ll take it. Now where do I sign to take Kitt for a drive? A 60 year lease will do fine.

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