Who is in my photo?

This  morning, I took the girls and the dogs for a walk. I know, very boring and unremarkable. 

And despite having a baby, a toddler, a dog and a puppy in tow, we had a suitably unremarkable walk. 

Since Bubbles turned up, we’ve been putting a lot of effort into training her to do the basics like sit, stay and walking to heel.

This has led to Libby frequently taking responsibility for Pluto and I’m really proud of how well they’re getting along.

So as we were walking, I turned around to take a photo of them together.

I was focussing on them, but I do always check whether anyone is behind us before I take a photograph because I don’t want to hold anybody up whilst we mess about. 

And when I looked around, there was nobody behind us. So I took this photo. 

2015-04-15 12.11.46

When I saw the shadowy figure behind us in the alleyway, I found it a little bit odd. But the more I zoomed in, the stranger I found it. 

So I shared it to my Facebook page to canvas opinion.

I was hoping that everyone would tell me I was being silly, but they also seemed to find it odd. 

I must apologise in particular to Amy who blogs at Mr and Mrs T Plus Three, who commented to say that she had rather a spooky experience herself after looking at the photo. 

The things I find odd about the figure are:

  • It looks disproportionately tall in comparison to the fence (which is slightly higher than my 6″1′ husband).
  • I can’t see any colour or features on the figure, despite the fact that the rest of the photo, even behind it, is in colour and quite well defined. 
  • I can’t see that the figure has a shadow, despite the very obvious shadows on Libby and Pluto.
  • The person doesn’t look dressed for the weather, and I think they look like they’re wearing a hard hat or uniform helmet of some description.
  • I am pretty sure that I would have noticed an exceptionally tall man or a  man in uniform walking along behind us, particularly when I was looking for someone. Wouldn’t I? 

Everyone who has commented on Facebook has their own take on it. I’m wondering whether it might be a police officer on patrol, hence the helmet. 

My dad thinks it looks like a German soldier, and a few other people have commented that he looks like he is in 1940’s dress too. 

I would absolutely love to hear your thoughts on the photo. I would particularly like to hear from you on the off chance it might be you who is in my photo. 

I’m really not one for the supernatural and I’m sure there is a perfectly reasonable explanation. I’m just not sure what it is at the moment. 

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  1. It was pretty spooky my skin was crawling after the phone call thing but share was a co incidence if not very ODD timing.

    I was thinking could you possibly reenact the set up of the photo in similar weather conditions and compare the two. Just for fun 😉


  2. Ahh so odd. When I zoomed I could see a small shadow but nothing as defined as Livby and Plutos. I say if whatever it is did nothing to make you feel uneasy at the time then their intentions were no doubt good, maybe they stuck around for the picture to let you know they were watching over you?

  3. I’m back to have another look in the hope of finding a reasonable explination! It’s seriously spooky! If it had been a person walking behind you you definitely would have noticed!!! It’s freaky! Will you be doing this walk again today?;)

  4. If I zoom, I can see what looks like a small dog, at the feet of the person? I do agree it’s a bit spooky! Very mysterious. Made me all shivery over my coffee!

  5. I can see his shadow? Its very blurry when zoomed in but i can defiantly see a darker shape across the path just in front of his feet. he kind of looks like a fireman? but without the yellow lines on the jacket if that makes sense? he could have turned the corner just as you took the picture. i do also think his position in the picture makes him look taller than the fence as it looks like it curves away from him there.

  6. I think it looks like a policeman. Odd if you didn’t spot them at the time but my two pence
    Your camera will focus on the foreground making the colours washed out
    The figure looks to be in a more shaded area making its shadow more difficult to distinguish
    It’s hard to see which part of the fence you would need to compare with for height. The lower bits that look close are probably behind them.

    Hope you weren’t too spooked!

    1. Thanks Elle, I wasn’t spooked at all until I got home and looked at the pic 😉 it’s not a policeman, contacted the local police and they say they would have been in high vis if it was them. Very possible that the camera has focussed on the foreground, it’s just a dodgy mobile phone camera 🙂

  7. To me it looks like a very tall slim man walking towards you. Looks like his has workman trousers on with the knee pads in, as he has white marks just below the knee. My other half wears these for work and they look similar. He either has a bald head, or head protection on and is looking up. Also looks like he has glasses or googles on. My son had a look and he thinks he is carrying a dog or cat in under his arm on the right. I thought it was an arm and the man had a short sleeve T on. I guess there is no shadow due to the bush or over hanging tree. It looks like he has a blue top on, but looks padded. Is there any building work going on the close vicinity? Maybe a dog/cat escaped and he went to get it.

  8. I hope you’re not doing this walk again today! Would be nice to have a perfectly logical explanation.

  9. Oh my days! I can’t stop looking at it!!!
    Freaky sh……..
    Is he the height of the fence?!
    Will you go back there?
    so many questions……….

    1. He looks quite a bit taller than the fence to me, and the fence is just a bit higher than my husband who is 6″1′. Yeah, we’ll go back it’s not really a route I can avoid I don’t think. No more photos there though 😉

      1. After thinking about this some more…. (I know right!). I think maybe it’s a horse and rider, waiting for you to go so they can gallop down the pathway? Is it a common spot for riders?

        That, or we have to find the Winchesters to come and sort it out ……rawr 😀

        1. Sorry it has kept you thinking Rachael 😉 it’s not a horse riding area at all, it’s an alleyway between two housing estates. But that said I have seen a horse riding down our road before so I guess anything is possible 😉

  10. I’ve been thinking about this photo all day. I really can’t think of an explanation for It. It looks like a fireman to me but it is weird that the figure is so tall and that you didn’t see it when you took the photo.

  11. Oooh this is weird! Id go back and stand in the same spot at the same time to look. To me I can see too black dogs or something – that or his big boots. Also I look at his ‘head’ and it actually looks like part of the bush to the right. So maybe it is all clever shadow trickery? Definitely an odd one!!!!

    1. It’s funny, I can’t see dogs at all! A couple of people have said there may be nobody there and it could just be shadows but I really think there is someone there, I can’t see that the shadows would fall like that at all!x

  12. I can’t zoom in but I’m sure there’s a dog too.

    I know you’re not one for the supernatural but I used to see an old lady ghost at my parents and she had a dog.

    I’m also very pleased I’m very late to this and looking at in broad daylight! 😉 x

    1. Oh it’s so weird Lisa, everyone seems to see something completely different, I can’t see a dog at all! I walked through there this evening just as it was getting dark, didn’t see anything but felt a bit spooked after all this!x

  13. Hi Nat, your photo has given me chills, which to be honest are quite welcome in this heat! The figure does look out of place and I’m sure you would have noticed it when you looked for people com. I do agree with some of the other comments and can see something that may be a dog with the figure. What creeps me out most is the darkness of the figure and its height in comparison to the fence (that looks like a high one). I can honestly say that if I were you I wouldn’t be walking down that path again!


  14. I see a man maybe 6’+ wearing a dark blue short sleeve T-shirt. Can’t tell what is going on
    below the knee, maybe a dog or 2 running towards the camera…maybe. Nothing overtly
    sinister. Go back at the same time of day with your husband and you might see him again
    because we are creatures of habit and dogs need walking. You must investigate to have
    peace of mind…but be careful don’t go alone…that would be foolish.