Our Thursday Photo #13

Unlucky for some, but Lia’s 13th week has been fabulous. She has really developed this week, both physically and mentally. She is very clearly teething, which has led to her learning to grasp her toys (purely to put them in her mouth). She is also sitting nicely in her bumbo chair and has started to roll over from front to back. Perhaps most noticeable though is the fact that she has started to babble, quite noisily! She has obviously learned from Libby that the way to get noticed is to make a noise! 

Libby has also had a good week, we did her favourite outing yesterday – a trip on the train to get a milkshake at the station and watch the trains coming and going before we got the train home. She was allowed to choose anything she wanted to eat while we were there. She went for a rather crushed pack of plain digestive biscuits. Each to their own! She also did really well today at coping with disappointment. We were supposed to be meeting everyone from her playgroup at the park for a picnic, but couldn’t go because the chap took longer than anticipated fitting a tow bar to our car. Remarkably, she wasn’t at all upset when I said that we’d just go and eat the picnic in granddad’s garden instead. In fact, she had a lovely lunch, especially as her aunties, granddad and two of their cats all came to join us. 

For me, the week has been hard work but quite satisfying. I managed to get out for a long run with a friend last night, running 7.25 miles across the hills. It took us ages because I’m really slow at the moment, but we made it and it was the furthest I’d run since the very early days of my pregnancy with Lia. We’re off camping this weekend in our newly purchased folding camper. Fingers crossed the weather is kind! Here is our Thursday photo #13. 


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