Thursday photo #347

It’s strange to think that Christmas eve was only a week ago. With the weather we’ve had here, the days since Christmas have all been taken up with lots of snow play. It has been such a treat to have some snow in the school holidays and we’ve been making the most of it every day.

Narnia gas lamp in Malvern

A quiet Christmas

Like everyone, we had a particularly quiet Christmas this year. We went on some walks to meet family and friends outside and popped over to my dad’s garden to see him. Thankfully we were able to see my mum because we are in a bubble with her but other than that, we’ve alternated between spending time at home and going out for walks.

I’m not a fan of extravagant or unnecessary gifts, so the girls had some very useful presents from Santa. Of note were their changing robes for wearing to the swimming pool in winter and for outdoor swimming in the summer. Libby also had a telescope and Lia had a tablet, which I’m very much hoping she won’t end up using for school work over the next few weeks.

Changing robes and masks for the Wizard effect

Snow days

I can’t remember the last time we had snow during school holidays. It always feels like a lottery when it snows on a school day. Waiting to see if the girls will get the day off school to play in the snow. So, we’ve made the most of it every day. The first day there was plenty of snow around here to play in, so we took the sledges and went for a walk locally. The following two days it had melted here, so we headed up into the hills.

The girls made a snowman, sledged and threw plenty of snowballs. We all benefitted from the extra time outdoors and I fully intend to keep dragging them out in it for as long as it sticks around. It’s an added bonus that the Malvern hills are so incredibly beautiful in the snow.

My favourite tree in the snow
Catching a snowball: Action shot!
Racing down the hill
Who needs matching gloves when you’ve got a hat like that?

All change in 2021

As I mentioned in previous weeks, this will be the last one of my Thursday photo posts. I desperately need to find more time for various aspects of work that I’m taking on this year. These posts are a non-essential thing that I can shift aside to make way for other things. I intend to write about what we’ve been up to in a different format, potentially on a monthly basis but I’m not sure what that will look like yet.

Thanks to everyone who has read and commented on these posts over the years. I have really appreciated the interaction and advice. I will still be blogging as usual, it’s only these weekly posts that will stop.

Thursday photo #347

Today’s photo had to be one from the snow. They were very proud of their snowman, although they had to chase Bubbles around to get its arm back from her after she nicked it right before they had their photo taken.

Snowman building

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  1. How lovely to have been out in the snow every day! It feels like no time at all since Christmas to me and I’m sad that work is now only a few days away.
    It has been lovely reading about your family over the years and seeing the girls grow and change.
    Happy new year. x

  2. Happy New Year.
    I am glad you have managed to get out for some snow days during the holidays. Hope you have got in some ice swims in too.

    Can’t wait until it is safe enough to see you and the girls again. They are growing up so fast now and without these posts too it is going to be such a marked difference.

    1. Thank you. I have been very lucky to manage a swim every week and a run every day as well as getting the girls outside to play in the snow. I do hope that we can catch up soon.